In 2021 I Only Bought Funko Pop!


Are you a toy lover? Or do you love to have your best movie characters in your hands? That’s very simple! Visit our Funko Pop Shop and make your choice from our list. 

For newcomers in the Funko Pop culture, we ought to tell you what Funko Pop vinyl is all about. As a result, you’ll become part of the Funko Pop lovers. So, let’s get started!


A Funko Pop or Funko Pop vinyl is a designed vinyl collectible small statue manufactured by the company, Funko. This company is a hip American firm conveying accredited pop culture products to individuals all around the globe. These adorable vinyl characters cover a wide range of licenses from Breaking Bad, The Walking dead, Mean Girls, The Golden Girls, Batman, Sailor Moon, Captain America, Doctor Who, Adventure Time, and a lot more. Also, Pop Vinyl covers the whole major music and TV show licenses.

You can identify them by the specially embellished gigantic heads on springs. When shaken, it bobbles about. As a result, it’s called Bobble-Head. While most of Pop Vinyl Australia is bobble-head, this isn’t possible with the entire characters found in any Funko Pop Shop. Some have fixed heads. Funko has authorizations to produce thousands of diverse characters from a well-known culture like The Avengers and Star War. There’s also Funko Pop Harry Potter available in store now.

No matter how much you love your characters, you must consider these things before buying them.


Here are the things you should consider when buying a Pop from any Funko Pop Shop.

  1. Where to buy them

Considering the best Funko Pop Shop to get your Pops is very ideal. You can get it from an in-store shop or an online shop like Leading Pop Culture. They have Pop Vinyl sets, characters, cars, and many more items. Also, they have Funko Pop Harry Potter, the Mystery Minis, the keyrings, and the Rock Candy range. They are experts in the field of Funko Pop Vinyls.

  1. Price

Pops come in different amounts, thanks to their exclusivity. Some are manufactured in large quantities, while some are manufactured in very limited quantities. To find the particular price of your desired Pops, check out eBay. To make it easier, navigate to the Pop Vinyl Australia website.

  1. Display Inside Box or Outside the Box

If you plan to keep your entire Pops, it’s fun to remove them out of their boxes, because they look very cool and decorative. If you might think of selling or trading them, a Mint in Box (MIB) Pop will be extremely valuable, all the time, as it is neat and never played with or scratched. However, displaying Out Box saves space. Whereby, you carefully fold and store the boxes away. 

We just showed you the basic things to consider before buying any Funko Pop. Now, check out these Frequently Asked Questions to be on the same track!


  1. How Do I get rid of Price Tag Dregs?

Several price tags drop a sticky dreg immediately they’ve been taken off. Here’s how to remove those dregs. If it’s on your Pop box, apply a little drop of eucalyptus oil or rubbing alcohol on a rag or cotton. A swab will help you out. First try it on a sample box, before using it on one of your Pop boxes. You can also soften the gum using a hairdryer, however, apply caution.

If the tag happens to be on your Pop vinyl, don’t use alcohol. Rather, use a little drop of oil (cooking oil) on a cotton bud or rag.

  1. Why Stickers – Would it be a good idea for me to take them out? 

The stickers on the obvious portion of the box demonstrate that the thing is an exclusive or a special product (IE – From Comic-Con). You certainly don’t have any desire to eliminate them regardless of whether they block the picture on the Pop, as these are essential for what makes it exclusive and important. 

  1. Would it be advisable for me to save the boxes? 

In case you choose to show your Pops out of the box, it is well worth keeping the boxes where they would be safe. Because one day you might be interested in selling one and it’s much more valuable in the case. In case you’re sure you would prefer not to keep the boxes, they are worth cash, and there is an interest for them. Try selling them to eBay or exchanging/selling them in your #1 Pop discussion. 

  1. What’s An Exclusive? 

An Exclusive is a Pop that has been created in a restricted measure of numbers, generally for extraordinary occasions like Comic Conventions. They are recognizable by a sticker set on the clear section of the box. The Pop itself is generally not the same as the mass-created normal form, highlighting varieties like various tones, metallic paints, and gleam in obscurity capacities 

  1. What’s A Prototype? 

Before a Pop is mass-created and delivered into stores for you to purchase, a few unique prototypes of the character are made. These are utilized for testing and evaluation of the groundbreaking thought. In some cases, they are painted, and some of the time they are not. These are considered profoundly collectible and entirely important.

  1. What is a Chaser or Chase Piece?

At the point when Funko ships box parts to retailers, they are sent in bunches of 36, for instance. One of the pops for the situation is known as a Chase. While it is a similar character, it is marginally shifted from the rest, making it uncommon and more collectible. Normally, Chase Pops have various tones or paint and have a remarkable sticker on the reasonable plastic.


Buying original Funko Pops like Funko Pop Harry Potter has never been easy. It’s either you don’t know the best Funko Pop Shop to get them from or you’re afraid to lose your money. However, Leading Pop Culture can help you when it comes to getting the best Pop Vinyl Australia.  In just a few clicks, you can buy Funko Pop Harry Potter, Spiderman, etc, to decorate your home with your desired characters.

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