Why Quality Clothing Alterations Services is So Expensive


Are you interested in why clothing alterations are so expensive? You have landed in the right place! Today, we can help you understand each detail. If you don’t have the needed skills for performing alterations then you probably take your clothes to professionals to be tailored. However, the price may sometimes make you feel confused so that is why it’s important to understand what goes into altering clothes. If you know the process of clothing alterations Brisbane in detail then you will be happy to pay the required price. 

In fact, altering clothes can sometimes be more difficult than sewing new clothes because of the materials of hat garment and how it was constructed. When you sew new clothes, you measure everything freshly and cut each piece according to your desires. However, altering clothes takes much time. The tailor should first review the garment, take apart its sections, make the alteration and then reassemble it correctly to get the right fit for you. Moreover, all of these steps should be done accurately so that the material won’t be damaged and the result will look beautiful. This means that you should deal with an expert tailor who has great knowledge of different fabrics and techniques in order to alter them perfectly. However, the quality of the garment to be altered matters a lot as well. When we buy clothes, we don’t always pay attention to the fabric and texture but when it comes to altering our clothes, quality garment plays a great role. When clothing is poorly made, modifications could be more difficult and sometimes even impossible. So we can say that before the process of Clothing Alterations Brisbane, it’s important to bring clothing to your tailor. 

Another thing to take into account is the price of the garment. If there is an inexpensive garment, then you should avoid altering it because it may not seem like a good value. For example, why pay $40 for altering your dress when a brand new one costs $60 or $70? So consider all of these points before visiting the tailor. 

Now here goes the answer of “Why clothing alterations are so expensive”. 

  • First of all, you pay for the tailor’s time and skill. You also pay for that materials and fittings, no matter how much you paid for that garment. So that is why you should pay the needed price for the effort they make for you. 
  • Another reason why people think alterations are expensive is the following – today, you can easily buy low-cost clothing from any store. These low prices make people think fees for alterations are expensive. So, it can be said that alterations are not expensive at all. It’s clothing that has become much cheaper. 
  • Fast fashion can be a reason as well. Today, low-cost trend is a huge issue of fashion waste. People throw away their clothes more often because they are not made of top-notch quality fabrics and don’t last long. As a result, it is easy to replace your old clothes with new ones than alter them. 

Clothing Alterations and Stain Removal Services

To avoid expensive prices as well as much inconvenience, we offer you to choose White Knight Dry Cleaners. We offer clothing alterations Gold Coast and make sure that you will get the best value for your money. With us, getting clothes altered is more economical than buying new clothes. We also take care of cleaning your garments, so you can trust our team when it comes to Clothes Stain Removal Service. Even the most difficult stains can be removed because our experts use the most effective and non-chemical detergents. Offering clothes stain removal service, we strive to help our clients enjoy their clothing for a long time. 

Thanks to the clothing alterations Brisbane, you will have a chance to change your garment and refresh your wardrobe. The specialised tailors offer clothing alterations Australia and ensure to make your garment fit well. Some of the common alterations include shortening sleeve length, reducing blousing around the torso, and adjusting the amount of room in the seat of your trousers. So if you choose our clothing alterations then all of your ill-fitting garments in your wardrobe can be converted to wearable garments. Sounds amazing, doesn’t it? Just let White Knight Dry Cleaners take care of your alterations and you will enjoy the results as well as fair pricing. 

Basic Clothing Alterations You Can Do Yourself

If you like indulging in new activities or if you have some knowledge about clothing alterations then we can help you develop your skills. Simply follow our tips and the process will become easier for you!

  • How to Hem

  • Put on your garment inside out
  • Pin around to the length you want your hem
  • Measure and adjust the hemline
  • Use a warm iron to press the hem firmly
  • Turn about 1cm under along the top edge and press that as well
  • Always follow the line you have created around with the sewing machine
  • Remove the pins and enjoy your garment

  • How to Change Buttons

  • Choose suitable colors for buttons so that they can seamlessly blend with your clothing
  • Use such a needle which fits through the hole of your chosen buttons. Then thread it with double-length cotton to match your garment
  • Place the button on the side opposite the button hole
  • If there are four holes, we offer you to create an x shape as you sew.
  • Repeat this process three or four times 
  • Before going up through the button, make sure you tie the button off tightly and the trim. This is an important step for your final stitch. 

With these basic steps, you can make some alterations and enjoy the changes. Even if you haven’t done anything before, do not worry and give it a try! You will certainly succeed doing some basic alterations yourself!