The Advantages of Oak Flooring


Both European and Domestic white oak flooring has become quite popular recently. Thanks to this growing demand of engineered oak flooring, many more people choose it over the other options.

Reasons are a lot why it has become such preferred flooring choice. Year by year, it has become evident why white oak hardwood provides a number of benefits. So anytime you consider Engineered Oak Flooring Melbourne be sure you will not regret it. Here we have outlined some of the most amazing benefits that Tasmanian Oak Flooring Melbourne comes with! Here is a list of some of those benefits. 

Stylish and Chic Look and Feel

Available in different grades and finishes, white oak looks more stylish and less traditional as it is not as graining as red oak. It showcases the beauty and richness of natural timber. The rings of the white oak grow close together, giving it a smooth and uniform look. With a vintage feel, white oak suits perfectly with any modern farmhouse or industrial styles. Tasmanian oak is light toned, featuring subtle hues that range from straw to a pale brown. Due to its colour, texture and grain features, white oak will certainly meet your demands. 


White oak comes with a wonderful hardness making it resilient to dents and gouges. Even if your flooring gets a scratch, you can rest assured that the grains of your white oak flooring will help hide these better than smooth grain floors. It can be used for a wide range of applications and thanks to its awesome staining qualities, it can match with other timbers, finishes, or furnishings. 

Tasmanian Oak is designed to be used in all forms of construction including scantlings, panelling and flooring, and can be gluelaminated to cover long spans. Out of Oak species White Oak is a bit harder than Red Oak. It’s a great purchase as it can perfectly hold up to the everyday wear and tear of kids and pets. We also recommend choosing this White Engineered Oak Flooring Melbourne for rooms with heavy traffic. White oak has been a top preferred species for many years, so this is why you will find it in many older homes. Moreover, in order to look their best, these older homes with white oak floors, just need refinished and a little TLC. 

Easy to Care For

Tasmanian Oak Flooring Melbourne is also a preferred option because it is easy to install and care for. Some occasional maintenance is enough to keep your Tasmanian Oak Flooring Melbourne in its perfect condition. When installing flooring, people look for a product that will be functional, look amazing and last for a long time. So never think twice and opt for white Tasmanian oak. 

Water Resistance

White oak flooring an amazing choice for kitchens because it is closed grain wood. Water and other liquids are not able to penetrate as easily because pores of white oak are clogged with tyloses. White oak is widely used in boat construction and in front doors for just this very reason. We also recommend using white oak in entry areas where wet boots and clothing can expose the floor to extra moisture. However, you should clean up spills as fast as possible because it is not completely waterproof but it does provide ample protection.

More Shade Options

White Oak has large open pores that absorb stain giving your floors a nice rich hue. There are different types of stain and finish options to choose from. You can opt for stains that cast golden hues and it will create a warm atmosphere, or you can choose rich coffee brown tones which will make a bold statement. There are also creamy grey shades that create a calming environment. As you see, colour options are endless and you can select the one that meets your taste. 


Thanks to its well-maintained forestation standards, Engineered Oak Flooring Melbourne is reasonably priced. Along with those mentioned benefits, this oak flooring is a popular choice as its price is really affordable. With growing demands in white oak due to industry trends, it can be foreseen pricing can increase in the near future. However, if you deal with MRFLOOR you will always enjoy cost-effective solutions. 

Distressing Texture

As white oak creates more natural and comfortable atmosphere, it can also create a wonderful harmony you want. Whether you are after a farmhouse feel or a distressed look, choose Engineered Oak Flooring Melbourne as it is a better options than other hardwood materials and products. With those natural imperfections, like knotholes and graining, white oak is really an interesting choice. 


With a wealth of benefits, white oak is an excellent wood flooring product. This species continues to dominate the market. It is highly sought-after thanks to its durability, versatility, affordability, and long life. For this, it has been a top requested species for centuries in both residential and commercial interiors. Now you know many of benefits of white oak, so you can make an educated and suitable flooring decision for your home. Many people do not even realize that there is a difference between red and white oak, but know you know many details about white oak.

Tasmanian Oak Flooring Melbourne offered by MRFLOOR is considered to be a warm, dense, and resilient option. This hardwood is designed for a wide range of applications. It works extremely well and produces an excellent finish. It can be used in all forms of construction and in interior applications such as paneling and flooring. Tasmanian oak is marketed under numerous names depending on where it is being sold. Anytime you want to update your floorings and give a new life to your home, choose MRFLOOR and order Engineered Oak Flooring Melbourne as a top product. Even if you don’t have time to come to the store, don’t worry! MRFLOOR will come to you anytime you want. You can choose your favorite flooring from the comfort of your home in no time. Simply book a mobile showroom and you will enjoy the full service of this store at the convenience of your own home!

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