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Each memory unit of USB flash drive has a limited lifetime calculated in a write-erase cycle. When the limit is reached, all clusters that contain the data become unreadable and if the clusters are for the boot sector, the system can no longer detect it or request formatting. Also, sometimes the files on USB drive might get corrupted or accidentally deleted. In some cases, malware can also be involved in the permanent deletion of files. Well, whatever the source of trouble is, it is highly recommended to disconnect the USB memory to avoid any unwanted risk of writing as it decreases the chances of data recovery. In this post, you know the best software to recover permanently deleted files from pen drive.


Before uncovering how to recover permanently deleted files from pen drive, let’s go through to different causes responsible for permanent data loss from a USB key:

  • Poor Handling: At times users delete their files unintentionally or accidentally from their USB drive and empties Recycle Bin folder too.
  • Other Program: Any other program that is installed on the local machine or fragmented partition on USB flash drive can delete the files permanently.
  • USB Port Malfunction: Unplugging USB drive in a harsh manner can cause damage or permanent deletion of files.
  • Physical Damage: Manufacturing defect can result in the failure of a USB key. A segment that is too fragile can also damage USB key that results in data loss.

How to Recover Permanently Deleted Files From Pen Drive?

Here we will tell you about software to recover permanently deleted files from pen drive. SysTools Pen Drive Recovery Tool is the best software to recover permanently deleted files from pen drive Using this, one can recover images, videos, documents, and all other multimedia items from the pen drive. The software is highly programmed so that it can recover data from FAT, exFAT, and NTFS formatted pen drives. It supports data recovery from the USB drive, flash drive, pen drive, and memory card as well. In order to find out specific data, it provides Advance Search option and supports all versions of Windows Operating System. With the help of this software, users can recover Shift+deleted data from pen drive.

Note: The software supports data recovery from all brand pen drive of any size. For instance, San Disk, Transcend, HP, Kingston, Toshiba, Sony, iBall, Moser Baer, PNY, Lexar etc.

Software Steps to Recover Permanently Deleted Files From Pen Drive

The software allows to recover normal and shift deleted data from pen drive in a few simple clicks. Follow the steps to Recover Permanently Deleted Files From Pen Drive mentioned below to perform pen drive recovery:

Step One. Connect Pen Drive and Set Up The Tool

  • Recovering files from a memory stick are very simple with Pen Drive Recovery Tool. First of all, launch the tool and it will display a screen to ‘Check for Prerequisites

pen drive

  • After installation, the software will show a list of all attached pen drives and memory cards


  • It also provides Refresh View option to view newly attached Pen Drive even without closing the application


Step Two. Select Pen Drive For Recovery

  • Choose your pen drive from the list and the tool will display all the basic details of that drive in its right panel


  • Now, the tool will offer two different options to scan the selected pen drive:
    Scan: To scan deleted and corrupted data from pen drive
    Formatted Scan: To scan formatted data from selected pen drive


  • Choose the appropriate scanning option and the tool will start scanning the flash drive. Let the scan process complete successfully


Step Three. Preview Recovered Pen Drive Data

  • After this, the tool will list all recovered folder in the left panel of the software and bold the folder that contains data


Note. Permanently deleted files will be highlighted in red color for easy identification.
In order to check the data of any folder, just click on the folder and the tool will list all the data within it. You can sort data files according to Name, Created Date, Modified Date, Last Accessed Date, Size (KB), and File Path


  • Also, one can view particular data using its Search option and the tool allows to search files as per their file name, extension and any other criteria

Step Four. Export Selected/ Entire Recovered Data

  • Now, you can save data in two different ways i.e., either export selected data or entire recovered data.
  • To Save Selected Data: In order to save some selected data items, just check the files from the right panel and hit a right-click on the selected file. Click Save


  • To Save Complete Data: If you want to save entire recovered data then, directly select the root folder from left-preview panel. Then, Hit the Save button from the menu bar


  • Browse a destination location to save the resultant file also, you can create a new folder just via hitting the Create New Folder button. Click OK


  • The export process will begin just after this and later, click OK


  • Eventually, navigate to the destination location that you have selected previously to save recovered data and check all the exported data items.



All computer users know that how easy it is to lose data. The combination of ‘Shift’ and ‘Delete’ is enough to remove the files permanently from a USB flash drive. After losing crucial data, users just ask a simple question that how to recover permanently deleted data from pen drive. In order to resolve this issue, we have disclosed one of the best software to recover permanently deleted files from pen drive in this article. All the handy features provided by the tool makes it unique from all other third-party tools available for the same purpose.

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