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When emergency personnel are in the field, they have critical, often time-sensitive jobs to do. There is no time to deal with inefficient lighting, no time to worry about your sight being diminished. When there is a crisis of some sort occurring in real time, the brave professional men and women who serve our communities should not have to be concerned over whether or not their warning lights are bright enough, whether they’re reliable to stay lit, whether improper lighting may take a difficult situation from bad to worse. The fact is that when a situation calls for the presence of an emergency vehicle, be it a police car, fire truck, EMT vehicle, or other emergency personal transportation, such situations are the absolute worst times to be let down by the quality of emergency lighting equipment. Ultra Bright Lightz has the utmost respect and gratitude for our emergency personnel, and we appreciate the importance of reliable, ultra bright lighting in such occurrences. There is no room for risk or error due to poor lighting. Dependable light sources are critical in all kinds of situations. That is why our LED lights are built to last and made with premium materials.

Warning Lights

Warning lights are critical for informing other vehicles and nearby citizens that there is a potential danger or issue. These lights serve as a means of communication for police, firemen and others. At Ultra Bright Lightz, we provide warning lights in blue, amber, red, and green varieties, as different colors can have different meanings. Our ambulance warning lights and Flashing Police Lights include grill lights, dash lights, stick lights, light bars, and off-road lights. Our lights are durable and reliable, as they are protected by a water-resistant enclosure and aluminum extrusion. Many styles of our warning lights feature programmable modes and customizable patterns, so you can adjust them accordingly to fit your needs.


In addition to visual warnings, sirens are used to indicate to everyone that an emergency vehicle is approaching and that others should pull over to the shoulder and be alert. Our Feniex brand sirens will immediately get attention. They have many different tones to choose from and come in varieties including Hammer siren, Typhoon Hammer siren, Typhoon Full Function siren, Storm Pro 100W siren, Storm Pro 200W siren, Titan 30W siren, Sho-me ATV speaker/siren, and the UBL 100W Rotary siren.


We have a selection of mount lights that are a great addition to any emergency vehicle. There are so many lighting options beyond flashing police lights. Our mirror mounts, for example, provide light on the sides of your vehicle. Our perimeter mounts provide 180-degree optics and, in addition to serving as warning lights, these can be used as brake, turn, reverse, and tail lights as well!

We are so grateful for our policemen and emergency responders. There are others, though, who could benefit from increased brightness while driving with the help of Ultra Bright Lightz. We are also here to provide lighting for truck owners! If you are often driving at night in particularly dark areas, such as rural back roads, lighting from other external sources may be virtually nonexistent. Many of us either live or work in areas where we are commuting on ill-lit roads at late hours. Regular headlights simply may not be enough. Led light bars for trucks from Ultra Bright Lightz are designed to maximize lighting to give you a greater and much brighter visual field. With color varieties including red, blue, white, and grey, you have customizable options!

We are here to provide you with the highest quality lights at fair and honest prices. Your satisfaction is important to us! We appreciate your feedback and ask that you please contact us with any questions, concerns, or comments regarding your order from Ultra Bright Lightz!

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