What to Look For in a Wholesale RDA Supplier

With vaping proving it to be far more than just a fad, the number of retailers has drastically increased and competition in the industry has increased right along with it. With so much competition in the market, it’s inevitable that some will be utilizing the same vendors in their supply chain, and more inevitable that some will be outpaced simply because they didn’t choose the supplier that best fits their needs. Finding the right supplier is especially important for crucial staples, like Wholesale RDA supply, to fill your shelves. Choosing the proper supplier is a strategic decision that will pay dividends sooner rather than later.

First, dig into the background of the manufacturers represented by each distribution option and take a look at the quality of their dripping atomizers. There can be a massive gap in quality from one manufacturer to another, with some producing low quality or cloned atomizers. A quick perusal of legitimate reviews will usually bear this out in a matter of minutes, which can spare a great deal of grief later, helping you to avoid those low quality RDAs and merchandise of questionable origin. You’ll want to watch for references to the amount of machine oil left on the RDA, the quality of the threading and top cap fitment, and regarding the overall look and feel of the RDA.

Something many merchants fail to verify about wholesale RDA suppliers, especially when starting out in the industry, is whether or not they are actually marketing the expected product. In some cases, you’ll come across ‘clone’ RDAs, which are sometimes referred to as counterfeits. These RDAs are not the original manufacturer’s creation; they are instead stolen designs, often those of very popular RDAs, remanufacturered without as much information and often with sub-par equipment. Carrying an abundance of sub par and cloned merchandise (especially when you’re not aware that they are cloned) will quickly damage your reputation in the industry.

However, one of the most important things to consider in a wholesale RDA supplier is actually their physical location. This is not for the reason most would expect. It has nothing to do with the quality of the product, but of broader factors that can impact your business. A supplier based in Southeast Asia is perfectly capable of providing products as good as more expensive options, but for merchants in the United States, they have to provide their products across a much greater distance. This leaves them subject to potential shipping issues, from weather to a hitch at customs. The same holds true from across a given country, simply on a smaller scale. The smaller the radius you look for suppliers in, the fewer options you will have, and the more you are likely to spend, but if you are selling and stocking at such a scale that a single delay will hit your bottom line, it may be considered a form of insurance to keep your suppliers closer.

It can take some lateral thinking to select the ideal supplier for your needs. Those that are best-reviewed and considered the top of the industry may be ‘the best’, but this does not mean they are the best for your business needs. Don’t let your competitors make your decisions for you. Pay attention to your customers wants and needs; they are the backbone of your business and the people that are putting money in the bank for you. If you take their opinions to heart and seek out suppliers accordingly, you’ll watch your sales rise quickly. Your customers will notice this quickly, and word-of-mouth will allow your store to demolish the competition.

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