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Many men consider the tie to be the purest way to make a style statement. When the man’s wardrobe consists of a sea of staid navy, black or grey suits, the tie provides a much-needed change in color and texture. Much more than just a fashion accessory, a proper tie should be stylish and trendy but also classic and timeless, so that it can be worn season after season. Even when the current suit styles shift from a classic fit to a modish and trim fit to everything in between, a well-crafted tie will work with just about any menswear look.

So where do stylish and budget-conscious men find these kinds of ties? It is quite simple really. Some of the finest ties are designed by Brioni, and the finest selection of Brioni men’s ties can be found online at

We are a specialty web store that features a wide range of designer men’s fashions. Our collection includes an array of colorful 100% silk ties that are made in Italy. These ties are understated, but vivid so they make even the most conservative suits interesting. Their color schemes include navy, burgundy, black, brown, and grey backgrounds with contrasting yet complementary subtle prints, paisley, checks, and stripes in pink, red, or orange. These are the Brioni men’s ties that add instant sophistication to dress shirts and slacks, and they work well with any business suit.

Luxury Menswear has more than just Brioni men’s ties in our inventory; however, we feature a wide selection of formal Brioni dress bow ties, too. Crafted from fine silk, these bow ties are packaged and neatly wrapped to prevent wrinkling and creasing and come pre-tied, which makes them so easy to wear. Brioni bow ties are a must-have accessory for the tuxedo and ideal for even the most upscale occasions and events. Available in standard and pleated styles, these ties come in a range of colors including grey, royal blue, silver, yellow, navy, white, and black, so you will definitely find the Brioni bow tie in our collection that goes with any formal evening wear.

Whether you are searching for a men’s tie for the boardroom or the ballroom, you will find the finest selection at the most reasonable prices at Luxury Menswear. So why don’t you visit us online and browse our inventory? We update our collection weekly with the latest brand name designer merchandise from Italy. Our stock includes everything from sports coats to slacks, sweaters to suits, polos, outerwear, and cold weather accessories. We stock nothing but the finest men’s clothing from high-end designers such as Isaia, Kiton, Belvest, and so much more.

When you shop at Luxury Menswear, you will see that our selection and our prices are much better than what you would find in stores. How do we keep our prices so reasonable? Well, our stock is shipped to us directly from retailers and designers in Italy. These designers send us their showroom samples, end of season items, canceled and unpaid orders, and overstock, which means that we can supply you with the finest in menswear at a discount. When you shop with us, you never have to worry about finding the proper fit. That is because every item in our stock features plenty of photographs and detailed measurement information so that you get that tailored look that you are looking for. So stop shopping in department stores and boutiques and come check out the incredible selection we offer at You won’t be disappointed!

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