What gift should I give to my working mom on Mother’s Day?


Not all women today are housewives. They are coming out of their home and started working out of their comfort zone also. It doesn’t mean that the value of a housewife is less than a working woman. A woman is a woman. And if that woman becomes a mom, then it will start getting difficult for her to manage her work and home at the same time.

Therefore, moms are called as superhumans because of this ability to manage personal and professional space separately. And these moms should be given special treatment at least on Mother’s Day. Every mother in this world has a right to feel special not only on Mother’s Day but on 365 days of the year.

And gifting is one of the ways to express your love for your mom. By gifting a nice present to your mom, you can show, how much you love her even when she works out of her home. It is understanding that a working woman sometimes could not dedicate much of her time to her family even when she wants to. This doesn’t mean that she doesn’t love her family. It would be possible that on Mother’s Day, she would be working in her office instead of spending time with her children. And this way children could gift their mother special gifts to make this Mother’s Day even more memorable to her.

And if you are looking for some unique Mother’s Day gifts, then we have brought to you a complete list of exciting gifts which you could gift your working mom on this Mother’s Day and make her feel special.

  1. Sweets

It would be so tiring for your mom sometimes to maintain her work in home as well as outside the home. So why don’t you just gift her a special sweet box filled with her favorite sweets. If she is tired and having a hectic day after doing a lot of work, these sweets will surely melt her heart and vanish her stress right away. And if you are looking for perfect gifts for mom to give on this Mother’s Day, this could be the best choice.

  • A complete manicure and pedicure set

We all know that a working woman could not be getting enough time to visit salons every week and if somehow they manage to go, it would be an expensive visit. But every woman wants to pamper their hands and feet whenever they get time. And in this case, a complete manicure and pedicure set will come to their rescue. This set would contain all the necessary tools which are required for doing manicure and pedicure. And if you are looking for some unique Mother’s Day gifts, then could be the one. And we assure you that she will definitely love this.

  • Flower bouquet

Nothing could be as sweet as fresh beautiful flowers when a mother receives them as a gift from her children. You could try gifting your mother a nice huge flower bouquet with a bunch of different flowers like you could gift her a nice bouquet which consists of sweet red roses and beautiful orchids. You could also gift her a bunch of red roses with pink and white roses or white roses or anything. This would make a flower bouquet more beautiful. We assure you that your working mom would definitely love it after receiving them as a gift from her children.

  • Cakes

There is no rule that cakes should be cut only on birthdays, and not on other days. Cakes could be cut on any special occasion and you could also gift your mother a personalized cake in which you could print a personalized photo of yourself with your mother. This whole cake would be personalized so, you could also add a sweet message like ‘Happy Mother’s Day Dear Mom’. After completing a hectic day in her office, she will love to cut a cake with her children on this Mother’s Day. So, if you are thinking of gifts for mom on this Mother’s Day, you could definitely try this.

  • Jewelry

Any woman would love to wear classic jewelry every day. And you could gift your working mom jewelry that she could wear daily while working. Like you could try gifting your mother a nice pair of earrings or a simple pendent. These are something which could be wore daily. Also, you could gift her a nice elegant simple bracelet. We assure you that she would love it and wear it daily.

  • A simple make up kit

Although, no woman loves to wear a heavy makeup at her workplace, but she would love to do a light natural makeup every day. This is something that every working woman would love to have in their bag. Many brands today are providing many makeup products in a combo, so that you do not need to purchase single products every time. So, you could definitely try to gift to your mom which she could use daily.

  • Grooming kit

Every woman loves to look great all the time, and for this, she grooms her body in a regular interval of time. While visiting various salons could be expensive, you could gift your mom a nice grooming kit on this Mother’s Day. A working woman might not be having enough time to visit salons so, she could do this at home. Every woman loves to keep their eyebrows, nails to be in perfect shape. We assure you that your working mom would definitely love it.

Having your mother in your life is indeed a blessing, and it is the responsibility of every child to keep her mom always happy not only on Mother’s Day but every day. And even if you are not with your mom this Mother’s Day due some reasons, send her these beautiful gifts to make her feel special on this special day.

Author: ShreyaSharma

Shreya Sharma is a Google Analytics-certified Web Marketing Consultant at Shopchun. She’s written over 400 articles on digital marketing, covering topics like SEO, CRO, and Amazon. When she isn’t polishing her Time Magazine Person of the Year Award, she’s spending time with her flock of ducks.