Waterfront Gourmet: The Best Catering in Philadelphia

The new year is here and with another year ahead, you have probably already thought about some of the life events that could be coming up in the months ahead. Maybe you or a loved one have a monumental birthday or anniversary. Maybe you have a wedding coming up, which means a bridal shower is in your sights. Perhaps you have a graduation to celebrate in the family.

Whatever the special occasion may be, you will probably celebrate with a party, and you’re going to need catering. For your next luncheon or celebration, turn to the best catering Philadelphia has to offer with Waterfront Gourmet.

Waterfront Gourmet has a wide selection of gourmet sandwiches that are made with the freshest ingredients, delicious meats and cheeses and unique flavors. In addition, you can get tasty toasted paninis, gourmet hoagies, salads, and even vegetarian options.

With four locations in the heart of Philadelphia, Waterfront Gourmet can cater your next business, office event, or family party no matter where you are in the city. Waterfront Gourmet is located on the waterfront at Penn’s Landing, but also in the heart of Center City at Dilworth Park, across from City Hall, or in University City, covering three parts of the city, making Waterfront Gourmet a premier choice for the best catering in Philadelphia.

With extended hours, open from 7 a.m. to 8 p.m. Monday through Friday and from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. on weekends, you can set up your catering order at any time.

The possibilities are endless when you choose catering from Waterfront Gourmet. Vegetarians, vegans, and fruit lovers will definitely enjoy the assorted fruit, vegetable and salad trays offered. Dessert trays are also available as part of catering orders. If you are a meat lover, there are an assortment of sandwiches available including tuna, turkey, chicken salad, roast beef and more and they come on an assortment of bread selections.

If you are catering for a morning event, make it a breakfast platter. With an assortment of breakfast sandwiches, bagels, and danishes, you can allow everyone in your office or your entire family to enjoy the most important meal of the day in style.

Catering orders can also be delivered with a few hours notice, so you can let Waterfront Gourmet handle everything when it comes to the food for your next event.

Waterfront Gourmet really has the best catering Philadelphia has to offer for breakfast and lunch made fresh and with a twist on the traditional gourmet. All food is freshly prepared and the menu options are always evolving so the menu stays fresh too.

Of course, if you are enjoying a day in the city or are on the go during a busy workday, Waterfront Gourmet is definitely a solution for a meal for one. With breakfast, lunch and dinner options, and fresh gourmet coffee available all day, every day, you can enjoy a meal whether you are looking for a quick solution or want to sit down in a scenic setting on the waterfront for lunch.

With top-tier, professional, full-service catering, Waterfront Gourmet can be your solution to feeding your party or office for any event or occasion all year round. If one of your New Year’s Resolutions is to eat healthy and fresh food whenever possible, you can honor that desire with Waterfront Gourmet’s delicious menu made from the freshest ingredients, and with catering, you can even share that with your co-workers, colleagues, family, and friends.

Contact Waterfront Gourmet about catering options by calling one of their four locations or stop in and place an order and experience for yourself the best catering Philadelphia has to offer.

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