A Variable End Mill Can Perform Many Tasks

Online Carbide knows one of the most-used tools in a machine production process is the Variable End Mill. The irregular helix design helps to cut down on machine chatter which can result in incorrect cuts and dimensions when the tool is used in a high-speed, high-production environment.

Multi-axis CNC machines use Variable End Mills to make interior cuts and to clean up drill holes made by prior machines in the machining process. Other machines, drills, lathes and three-axis tables use end mills to insure a clean, smooth cut in many different metals. End mills allow for cuts in several directions with cutting teeth on the face and edge of the tool.

An end mill can be used for:


  • Milling
  • Contouring
  • Profiling
  • Slotting
  • Counterboring
  • Drilling
  • Reaming

High Use Tools That Stand Up

When designing and constructing a machine tool it is important to consider all the environments and applications it can be used for. Because an end mill can be used for such a wide variety of applications, it’s important to construct the tool out of the finest steel and Tungsten Carbide so that the end result does its job flawlessly. Online Carbide engineers its tools for those high-use, tight specification applications. Sharp cuts, smooth edges, and finished surfaces are the goal and Online Carbide knows the longer a tool can perform, the more valuable it becomes in a production environment.

The Right Sizes Get the Job Done

Online Carbide offers its 4-flute, variable helix Variable End Mill in a variety of sizes:


  • inch
  •  3/16 inch
  •  ¼ inch
  •  5/16 inch
  •  inch
  •  ½ inch
  •  inch
  •  ¾ inch

All of Online Carbide’s end mills come with Titanium Aluminum Nitride (TiALN) coating for exceptional durability.

Online Carbide Creates Even Better Value

As a manufacturer of high-quality machine tools, Online Carbide knows what their customers want – a great tool made to the right specifications at the right price. Selling factory-direct helps Online Carbide’s customers save money by eliminating the middleman (distributor) and selling to their customers at the best possible prices. Adding to that value equation is the customer service Online Carbide offers. Help is just a click away and Online Carbide’s sales staff is always happy to answer any questions their customers may have.

Made in the USA Means A Lot

Other tool manufacturers look offshore for their base metals or cutting stock, not Online Carbide. Made in the USA means Online Carbide is proud to offer their finest products to their customers without hesitation or concerns for quality. Brand name tools cost more so they can pay for the advertising campaigns they need to sell their products. Online Carbide’s tools are as good or, in many cases, better than the name brand’s tools.

Variable End Mills and Much More

Online Carbide offers the following tools for machine processes:

  •  Full Form Thread Mills
  •  Single Pitch Thread Mills
  •  Standard End Mills
  •  End Mills for Aluminum
  •  6 Flute End Mills
  •  Chamfer Mills
  •  Drill Mills
  •  Center Drills
  •  Spot Drills
  •  Stud Drills
  •  Jobber Drills

Tough Combination to Beat

When all the factors are taken into consideration, Online Carbide offers the best end mills at the most competitive prices and with the best customer service support available. Orders over $250 are shipped for free and most orders are shipped on the same day they are received. Put all the added value from Online Carbide together and you’ve got an unbeatable deal. Go to www.onlinecarbide.com and you’ll be impressed with the tool selection, the prices, and the company behind it all. You won’t be disappointed.

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