Carbide Drill Manufacturers Aren’t All Alike

When it comes to actually manufacturing a drill bit, not all Carbide Drill Manufacturers are the same. Some use less Tungsten Carbide and Cobalt in their raw stock and many don’t coat their drills with TiALN (Titanium Aluminum Nitride). Online Carbide doesn’t cut corners in the manufacturing process or the finishing details to their Carbide Drills.

Take a Closer Look Before Buying

There are literally thousands of companies manufacturing drill bits. Many of those companies aren’t in America but they sell their products in America with American-sounding names. Don’t be fooled. They may state they have high-quality, high-durability tools, but once they get put to the test, they aren’t what has been promised. Online Carbide makes the promise and keeps it.

It’s the Little Details That Make the Difference

Many Carbide Drill manufacturers claim to have elements in their alloys but once you get the tool and look at it, can you really tell if it has the content claimed or not? Of course not. You can’t see the Cobalt or Titanium Aluminum in the tool, you have to use it to find out. Offshore companies and some domestic producers claim they have the proper alloys and coatings to improve machine tool longevity, but the proof is in the results.

Online Carbide Makes the Mix Exactly As it Should Be

When a machine tool is placed into service it is imperative it can not only cut metal well, but it has to do it without leaving burrs or nicks or unwanted edges on the cut. For many machining operations there’s no room for errors. Getting a smooth, clean, consistent cut is the goal and it needs to happen over and over and over again. With Online Carbide, there’s no room for errors. Incorporating 10% Cobalt into the alloy mixes for their tool stock is the only way to manufacture a quality tool.

The Finish Makes the Cut

How a tool is finished can be critical to its performance. Online Carbide makes its drills with the Titanium Aluminum finish to insure clean, accurate cuts that don’t leave burrs, nicks, or edges on the finished steel or aluminum. A lot of Carbide Drill manufacturers can do the same thing, but don’t. This affects the life of the tool and its ability to do its job over time. Changing out tools because they don’t last very long is costly and time-consuming. Online Carbide takes their tools to the next level over other Carbide Drill manufacturers.

True Value At the Right Price

Where Online Carbide leaves the competition in the dust comes when cost is evaluated. Because they sell factory direct to customers, Online Carbide offers what few if any others can offer. A high-quality, long-life Carbide drill at a great price. No middleman or distributor to mark up the tool 40% to 50% just to inventory the tool. Add in the value of free shipping on orders of $250 or more and there’s some real power behind buying in bulk from a great manufacturer. Don’t forget, Online Carbide makes their tools in the USA. Name brands have to pay for big advertising campaigns and other incidentals that don’t really add to the value of the tool. Online Carbide keeps the focus on their products and the price.

Convenience and Consistency

Smart machine operators, production floor managers, and tool buyers know it’s not smart to pay for more than just the tool and they pay attention to issues like quality, durability and performance. Online Carbide makes the purchasing process simple and direct. Go online to and you’ll see their products displayed without a lot of hype or hyperbole. Just quality tools at good prices that perform better than their competitors.

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