SMAX Mafia Princess E-Liquid Soothes The Soul

When people think about what they like to taste after a nice meal, they often consider the soft, classic taste of Espresso. It is the taste and aroma that many think is the perfect end to a perfect meal. SMAX has developed their Mafia Princess E-Liquid to achieve that very feeling. Added to the taste of Espresso are smooth, luscious cream and a touch of Lady Fingers cake and when all these flavors roll over the tongue it’s something that goes deeper than just good taste. Inspired and dedicated to a friend who loved Tiramisu, this flavor goes directly to the soul.

Time to Grow Up

Many E-liquid producers make flavors which are geared for younger, less sophisticated tastes. That’s great and we’re sure the youngsters enjoy them a lot. But the more sophisticated palate demands a more intricate taste profile that has a multi-dimensional flavor as it spreads across the tongue. That’s the reason SMAX Mafia Princess E-liquid is available. It takes taste and flavor to a whole new level of satisfaction and enjoyment.

Harshness Should Be Avoided

Traditional cigarettes leave a harsh, biting resonance on the tongue and the health issues are well-known. Vapor shouldn’t leave a harsh flavor in your mouth or on your tongue, rather, it should be enjoyed and savored as it is inhaled, like a fine wine. SMAX Mafia Princess E-liquid gives its users the kind of taste and flavor that warrants deep inhalation and enjoyment.

Look at the Company Behind the Product

Buying E-liquid is simple and doesn’t take a lot of research to accomplish. Many companies offer their products online without much information about the company, its products, or reviews from satisfied customers. SMAX’s website,, offers more information than most sellers of E-liquids because they want their customers to get to know them and understand what motivates them to produce the amazing flavor combinations they sell. For the staff at SMAX, vaping is a very personal thing and the story behind their company brings out that personal touch.

Buy Mafia Princess E-liquid By Itself or In a Bible Bundle

SMAX knows how hard it can be to quit smoking cigarettes and the Bible Bundle with 30ml of Mafia Princess and eight other 30ml flavor combinations is a great way to get started. SMAX sells Mafia Princess in packages with two 30ml bottles, or one 100ml bottle, or four 30ml for a total of 120ml of product. You can also order our Dessert Bundle and Fruit Bundle along with our Breakfast Set. All of the bundles save money.

Great Taste at a Great Price

Take a look at the SMAX website and you’ll find not only the best E-liquid available today but also special pricing and deals that make their products even better. Add in Free Shipping for orders over $30 and the price gets even better. There’s a Rewards Program and even better prices at the Wholesale level. Depending upon customer preferences and desires, SMAX is positioned to take care of anyone’s wants and desires.

SMAX Brings it All Together

The convenience and safety of our Shorties makes Mafia Princess E-liquid and all the other flavors easy to own. No glass bottles to break and packaging is lightweight and easy to carry in a purse, backpack, or pocket. If you have any questions or need further information, just go to our website. Customers are our number one priority and our website is packed with reviews from our happy customers. We encourage everyone to let us know how we’re doing and give us their input into how they enjoy SMAX and all our flavors and products.

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