What are web hosting in lahore plans in 2023?

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Web hosting, also known as hosting, lets you web hosting in lahore, website applications, email, and other information on servers to ensure they can be accessed via the internet. With web hosting, the data is always accessible via the network. To simplify comprehending a hosting web program, we will define the features that comprise the web hosting in lahore plan.

Web hosting

Web hosting refers to the number of hosts, which are web-based pages that have various domains that the service can host. In general, there are two types of plans: one hosting plan that allow only one part, as it is with the hosting plan, or multidomain, which allows multiple domains on the server.

Space on discs

Disk space refers to the area you lease with the hosting provider to store your site. This space can save the content of your mailboxes, databases, email accounts, if they exist, and any other data you’ve saved on your site.

Disk space is typically determined in GB (gigabytes), in which one gigabyte equals one hundred twenty-four megabytes (megabytes). So, the more GB you purchase for shared hosting, the more data you can save in the hosting service.


The term “database” refers to a file where a substantial amount of information is kept systematically and accessible anytime. Although there are many types of databases, there are two kinds that are typically offered as part of hosted plans that share hosting:

  • MySQL. It is a kind of database that operates in both the Linux platform and Windows. Windows platform. The majority of commonly used programs require MySQL databases to function. Examples include The WordPress CMS, the Joomla content manager, the Moodle educational platform, Wikipedia, or forums like PHPBB.
  • SQLServer. It’s another kind of database that runs on the Windows platform. Therefore, it is only available to applications created in Windows or servers with the operating system.

Transport or even traffic

Web traffic or transfer is the amount of consumption produced in every website visit every time the content on your site is updated or when you send or receive emails. This can be measured as Gb (gigabits). When you sign up for a hosting plan, the plan will provide a specific quantity of transfers per month will be provided. If, because of an excessive amount of visitors and the transfer is insufficient, the website will have to wait until the next month for the contract transfer to resume. There is also the option to upgrade to a more powerful web hosting plan to ensure the site continues functioning.

To give you an idea of the amount of data transferred, provide you with a view of the amount of transfer consumed; one Gigabit of transfer is equivalent to 7,700 or 8,000 visits on an ordinary web page.

Email accounts

It’s the number of email accounts, mail addresses, or mailboxes you can set up under the domain name. For example, email accounts can be created with the structure. To set up your email accounts, you must use two different protocols.

  • POP3 protocol. This signifies that the accounts are customizable in a mail program (such as Outlook, Thunderbird, Mail, etc.). If you set up the accounts using POP, download the data to your personal computer and then delete the mailbox content stored on the server. Clear space so that any new information can continue to enter your hosting.
  • IMAP protocol. The configuration protocol also downloads the data to your email program (such as Outlook, Thunderbird, Mail, and more. ) It also keeps the emails in the servers. Even if you’ve made the download through the client or mail manager that you typically employ.

Internet access to email

To view your mail or send out new emails, You can do this via your computer with the mail program that you like (Outlook, Thunderbird, Mail, and more.). Also, you can use direct access via a browser, that is, via webmail. It is just a copy accessible via any device to the mailboxes that you’ve set up and does not require you to install or set up any program on your PC.

To access a mailbox web hosting in lahore on Linube from webmail, you must write something similar in your browser and enter the username and password.

Answering machines

Auto responders, also known as auto responders, reply automatically sent when someone sends your email. The user can program these messages, including the text that is most appealing to them. We will get back to you with a response to your inquiry within a short time.

Email redirects

A redirection of emails consists of sending all emails to an account to an alternative address. It can be beneficial when there is a reason why you decide to stop using an email address, but you wish to get all the messages that are delivered to it. Using this method, accounts registered on behalf of the website could be routed to different versions, so the letters are also sent to the funds you select.

Extra FTP Accounts

It is crucial to distinguish the direct FTP access and the passwords you use to “post” your website in the space provided by your remote server and the other FTP accounts. These directories (extra spaces) can be set up on the server and secured by the user name and password. They can also be accessed using FTP.

The primary difference between additional FTP accounts and direct FTP access accounts is that they are distinct directories (folders) where no more information is revealed to the user except for what’s needed to be stored in that particular directory. In contrast, with the main access account, users can access a significant portion of the “web structure.”

This additional FTP accounts service is beneficial, for example, for businesses working with huge files that cannot be delivered by mail or take longer to send via mail. It is recommended to set up an additional FTP account, save all the data inside, and give keys to those who have access to the files.

Domain aliases, parking, or domain names

This is because when you own a primary domain and you’d like to “park” another on the primary one (for example, linube.es), you can carry out this process. Once the redirection or alias is created, everyone can visit the same website regardless of whether they are using or not the extension or the .as extension.

Control Panel

Every hosting plan usually comes with the Control Panel through which users can perform various actions, for example, setting up email accounts and accessing consumption or visit information, viewing directories for web sites, and connecting to your MySQL databases manager. For Linde, the control panel that we use is Plesk.

On this page, you can also set up auto-installation of various programs that you may like, such as forums, photo galleries, blogs, managers to arrange the content of your site… etc.

Anti-virus, anti-spam, and antivirus

Antivirus, as well as spam protection, are two different systems that provide the security of Webhosting. First, it prevents the possibility that, in this instance, the server can access harmful elements that could impact its performance, as well as second, is to limit access to spam or junk mail. Antispam-antivirus is an integrated system on our servers within the mail service to prevent untrusted emails or those with infected files.

Fixed IP with dedicated IP

An IP address is a number found on the internet, such as Each website or domain is linked to the IP. Lube services use an IP address that is fixed; however you can have an address that is, and having a fixed address, can also be dedicated, and therefore, no other person is sharing the. For instance, the IP assigned to you is utilized to set up the SSL (or payment security) certificate to ensure that all information entered into an online form is secured to get to its destination.

Even though it may seem like an easy service hosting plans are composed of numerous components and resources that enable the user to get everything required to manage and host your site.

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