Netgear Orbi Not Showing Attached Devices? Here’s the Fix!

Orbi WiFi system

Netgear Orbi WiFi systems are installed by many so that their online tasks get completed on time. Some prefer doing Orbi RBK50 setup whereas some install an Orbi RBR750 in their houses. Whatever your choice is, the only thing one will be getting after an Orbi WiFi system is configured is a super-duper fast internet connection. However, there are times when the user wants to know about the devices accessing the network of the Orbi WiFi system. It is a good practice since it lets him/her get information about unauthorized devices stealing their WiFi. But, the problem arises when the Orbi fails to show connected devices.

Is your Netgear Orbi also not showing connected devices? If the question has been answered with a yes, then the time to get rid of the problem is near. However, we want you to read this post and implement the troubleshooting hacks mentioned here for that. Here we go.

Fixed: Orbi Not Showing Attached Devices

  1. Sync Your Orbi Router and Satellite

Most users are unaware of the fact that Orbi WiFi systems work well only when there is a sync between the router and the satellite. Chances are that there is no sync between your Orbi router and satellite due to which you not allowed to see the list of attached devices. Therefore, we advise you to sync your Orbi devices (router and satellite) first. For this:

  • Consider placing your Orbi devices in each other’s range.

  • Once done, use working wall sockets to power them up.

  • Now, look for the button labeled Sync on both devices and press it one after another.

  • Sync will be established between your WiFi devices.

  1. Perform Orbi Firmware Update

Doing Orbi firmware update can also help you fix the Netgear Orbi not showing attached devices. It is because in many stances whenever a firmware update is pending for the Orbi router, it starts behaving weirdly and brings issues similar to the one you are facing at your table. Therefore, it will be a great decision if you equip your device with a new firmware update and hence new working features. The firmware update for your Orbi router can performed either by accessing the Netgear graphical user interface or using the Orbi mobile application. Now, the choice is all yours.

  1. Reboot Your Netgear Orbi

If there’s no pending firmware update for your Orbi router and it is in proper sync with its satellites, then there’s a high possibility that a minor technical glitch is stopping you from viewing the attached devices. But, don’t worry! Resolving them is as easy as pronouncing them. All your Orbi router needs is a fresh start and no fresh start is as fresh as rebooting. Thus, without putting yourself under much stress, read these instructions to reboot your router:

  • Unplug your Orbi from the power socket.

  • Wait and count from 1 to 10.

  • Now, re-plug your Orbi device into the power socket.

  1. Reset Your Orbi Router

Performing Orbi factory reset is the only troubleshooting technique you’re left with if the aforementioned tips don’t work in your favor. This is to inform you that it is the most powerful hack that can resolve all the major and minor issues related to your Orbi WiFi system. But, the major drawback that this technique holds is that it deletes all the customized settings from your Orbi router which forces you to set up the device again. To avoid that, we suggest you save the backup file of your Orbi’s settings. After that, you can proceed with factory reset process. Once done, refer to the next tip and learn how to program your Orbi.

  1. Set Up Your Orbi Again

Since your Orbi WiFi system has returned to its default settings, you can start configuring it again. However, you need to ensure that your router has reset properly. Thereafter, refer to the instructions given below for the Orbi setup process:

  • Connect your Orbi and modem.

  • Sync your Orbi devices with the help of the guidelines highlighted in the first tip.

  • Post that, visit or

  • Log in to your Orbi with default credentials.

  • Follow the on-screen prompts and restore the settings you backed up earlier.

Sum Up

Several factors can stop you from viewing attached devices to your Orbi. But, we hope that after resetting and setting up your WiFi system via, you’ve successfully bid adieu to the issue.

Author: Jyoti Garg

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