The Analysis of Gatsby WordPress Websites in 2021


An environment having a visible development to permit layman users to make apps by using the options of methods like drag-and-drop, adding application components to make an entire application. Prior knowledge of development and programming is not required with no-code for developing any application or website. It sounds too good to be true. Non-technical business users creating their full-fledged applications.

Backend based on WordPress CMS

 The website development traditionally has been based on Content management systems based on the one platform for all the tasks, all the data, design, and deployment are performed on the same screen and it is fully dynamic. WordPress CMS is offering great flexibility to create any kind of website. If you use WordPress as a headless CMS it will allow you to create the front-end of your web application using any web technology and manage its content using one of the most popular CMS.

Frontend built on Gatsby

Gatsby, on the opposite hand, is that the static site generator that’s a contemporary stack framework for building an internet site that adds value to the online performance in terms of speed and security. The Static Site generators like Gatsby has been designed on the fashionable technology libraries like React using the GraphQL APIs. The Gatsby project caught my eye because I wanted to make a site that was modern, fast, had blog capabilities and allowed me to find out some more React and JavaScript. There has been another reason for going for the static site generator like Gatsby that it was the promise that the project might be connected to varied APIs or maybe a CMS of my own choice.

Why is Gatsby WordPress the Best Choice?

We have been believing that with the proper building blocks, and an integrated mesh system of content, website projects should still feel fun regardless of how big they get. We have been believing that each member of an internet site team deserves the power to simply see how their work will fit into this entire concept of jamstack technology concept. The websites sometimes lack qualities like maintainability, accessibility, low-cost, SEO of these things are added as a further feature at Gatsby WordPress Themes are considered because the modern stack websites and therefore the performance of the websites excel in several ways with the fashionable stack programing language. 

Benefits of Gatsby wordpress website 2021

  • Speed

  • SEO Friendly

  • Free hosting

  • Highly secured

  • Static Sites

Thanks to allowing your business users to build their applications, your issues are just getting to be compounded. You’re getting to find more and more cases of shadow IT shooting up everywhere the organization. Companies underestimate the reach shadow it’s.

We believe that such qualities should be packed in the frameworks so that they are delivered by default instead of implemented on a per-site basis. When features and qualities are only available if you implement them, it creates them a luxury available only to a couple of websites. against this, by baking in qualities like performance and security by default, Gatsby makes the proper thing the straightforward thing. We believe the foremost high-impact thanks to making the online better is to form it high-quality by default.

Author Bio:- Naveen Kumar Gola is a professional technical writer like to write about WordPress theme development and plugin development he working as a headless WordPress development.