Top 7 Tips For Safe Online Shopping

Today, when information technology develops, online shopping is no longer a strange habit for many people. Especially in the current COVID 19 periods, online shopping has become safer and more convenient than ever. While some people feel that buying online is a very convenient thing, there are also many people who are still sceptical about it, because they are not sure about the safety of online transactions.

There have been many comments on fraudulent transactions over the years, including cases of identity theft. Safety is of the utmost importance, especially when money is involved, here are a few tips to help you shop online safely:

Buy from trusted sites

Nowadays, the advertising of products on FFacebook, Zalo, Instagram, or other reporting sites is growing rapidly.  When you see eye-catching, beautiful, and affordable advertising pages, you immediately click on them to order without any control over where the product comes from, who is it? is the distributor or the reputation as well as the policy of that website.

That can lead to unnecessary harm?

  • The amount we have already transferred, but we waited forever to see the seller shipped the goods or moved slowly.
  • There are cases where the goods are sold out, the money has been transferred but the goods are nowhere to be found, calling to contact but not picking up the phone.
  • When the goods arrive at the point of receipt damaged, unusable, and ask the seller for a refund, we only receive silence from the seller.
  • Bought the wrong product, imitation, poor quality, even though advertised as very good and quality. Buyers only know how to swallow bitterly but can’t blame anyone.

To avoid such unnecessary harm, we should learn about reputable, quality, and big-brand websites, such as Amazon, eBay,…

Read product information carefully

This is an extremely effective way to shop when shopping online. Many people think that the real product is not the same as the picture for sale on the website because they just looked at the picture and clicked to buy the product, which is a big mistake. If you intend to buy online next time. Please take a few minutes to read the detailed product information, as clearly as possible about:

  • Model, quality,
  • Materials, shapes, colours, quantity, size,
  • Manufacturer, country of manufacture
  • Instructions for use of the product

This will help you better visualize the goods you are trading, helping you minimize the receipt of unsatisfactory goods.

Read customer reviews about products and services

Take the time to read reviews from other customers who have used the product – the product you are also in need of. Although reading reviews will take a bit of your time, you will find a buying experience for you. They will tell you about product quality, customer service before you make a final purchase decision.

You should also be wary of those genuine reviews to attract customers. These are common reviews such as: ok, quality product… These are the reviews that are often found under each product. These reviews are intended to lure customers only.

Keep looking for other shops selling the same product and reading other people’s reviews, see detailed pictures. In fact, these are just subjective reviews and opinions from customers about the product after using it, they will have a good experience and compare the product or not in the reviews.

Use discount codes, coupons to purchase

What could be better than buying online with a discount code?

Using coupons, discount codes when making purchases will help you own the desired item at a cheaper price, giving you a sense of pleasure. You can have many saving shopping solutions for products when buying online such as using discounts, coupon codes from reputable websites like Couponupto, CouponXoo. You will be surprised at the discounted rate you receive, especially on major holidays and sales of the year such as Black Friday, Christmas Sale,…

Using coupons will help you reduce the economic pressure but still own the desired item with excellent quality.

Refund Policy

Pay attention to your rights when buying and the most notable thing is the return policy of reputable online sales websites at home and abroad.

Buying online is inevitable when you receive a product but are not satisfied, so do not ignore the tiny words reminding customers whether they can be returned or not to avoid bringing yourself certain troubles. Do not ignore the terms related to the return policy, refund conditions, warranty of the website, the company you are dealing with.

If the information is not provided, try to find other stores to see if there is a reasonable and reputable return policy that will give you a sense of security when buying.

Ask for a receipt upon receipt

Capture the screen window, to save the necessary information in case the order is lost or mistaken. Always ask for an invoice upon receipt. No receipt means that you don’t have proof of purchase, which becomes a big hindrance if the product is defective or damaged.

So keep the receipt to avoid the worst-case when buying. The receipt will have 2 copies, 1 copy is kept by the unit, the other is kept by the customer. You will have to keep the receipt very carefully after making transactions to protect your interests. As proof that you have paid for the product and used the service fully. Otherwise, it will be extremely complicated and troublesome if unfortunately, problems arise.

If you feel that the goods are not of high quality, this receipt will confirm that you agree to return the goods and the shop side agrees to receive the above goods. You are responsible for returning the invoice to the shop for the above goods.

Check the goods before paying

This is the most important thing you need to keep in mind when shopping online. For those of you who are first exposed to online purchases, the top list recommends choosing a payment method after receiving COD goods. Because with this type of payment, you will be more secure because we can check the product before paying and receiving the goods.

Currently, many online sales websites will ask customers to check the product before paying. And when their delivery person leaves, questions about the product just delivered will not be resolved. Therefore, you should choose reputable sales websites to avoid unfortunate cases.