Last minute wedding flower bouquet ideas

Last minute wedding flower bouquet ideas

Weddings need a lot of prep, attention to detail, time, effort, and everything you can think of to host a successful event. Weddings can be hectic since they need a lot of planning and preparation. So it’s alright to forget a thing or two or push it towards the very last moment. If flowers are something that you need help with last minute get them with flower delivery in grand rapids. To break it down for you, you can either pre-plan all your flower arrangements months in advance but if you want to first finalize a few things and then move to the decor then that too sounds great. While deciding on your wedding bouquet you must look into the color combinations, flower availability, and of course what you like. 

Here are flowers you can find throughout the year at any wedding florist in grand rapids MI

Vintage style bouquet- 

There are some staples when it comes to wedding flowers. The florist designs bridal bouquets keeping in mind popular choices that blend well with most themes, vintage style is one of them. The colors for this one are rather subtle with white, dusty pink, creme, and peach. The flowers most commonly used are roses. Since the color is chic and romantic, it will go well with any wedding style. Traditionally roses symbolize love and passion but white ones represent peace, purity, and innocence. You can always add more to your bouquet as per your liking, so you can add more filler flowers and brown grass.

Modern Style bouquet-

Coming to the new-age flower bouquet has more color and dimension to it. A variety of flowers with well-thought-out formations. Modern bouquets tend to be of a single color or have variations of the same color. Modern bouquets are also smaller in size than the classic ones. To create your own modern-style magic you can go with peonies. This flower looks absolutely gorgeous and is just so soothing to the eye. Comes in various shades of pink and purple. This flower has layers and layers of petals one after another but what’s so great about these is that they are super lightweight. Not just beauty this flower also has deep symbolism and represents love, honor, romance, beauty, and wealth. 

Vibrant style bouquet-

With florists in grand rapids, you will find a huge variety of flowers, especially for weddings. From romantic chic to bright and cheerful you will find it all. Now if you plan to have a bright, summer-spring wedding then going with popping colors is something you must explore. This will give you a burst of color and to carry this forward you can also with a bright flower decoration. You can go with a classic dome-shaped bouquet tied well with a ribbon. Coming to the flowers you can go with, there are roses, lavender stock, sunflowers, gerberas, and daisies to choose from. We would suggest going all out with golden sunflowers and hot pink or red roses. Sunflowers symbolize intelligence, adoration, and loyalty. 

Minimalist style bouquet-

Last but certainly not least for all the people who want to keep it low-key and simple. Here are our top picks; you can go with a bouquet that has just one kind of flower in a single color without any filler for that clean look. You would need only a handful of flowers. You can also go with a single-stem flower. You can go with white magnolia, pink rose, orchid, and just baby breaths. You can find all these flowers and more in the Southside Flower Market. Coming to the flower meaning, Magnolia symbolizes purity and nobility and it is a very calming flower. 

Now you have a bunch of ideas and flowers on your plate make sure to envision your flowers on the big day. And imagine it with the rest of your decor, most important the wedding outfit. 

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