Know Everything about Essential Hypertension

Blood pressure is the pressure at which the blood hits against the artery walls. High blood pressure is when the pressure of the blood flowing through the arteries is more the required pressure. In most cases, hypertension or high blood pressure has associated secondary causes like kidney health problems. In such cases, it is termed as secondary hypertension. When there are no secondary causes for high blood pressure, it is referred to as essential hypertension.

What is Essential Hypertension?

As already stated, essential hypertension occurs without any noticeable secondary causes for the increase in blood pressure. 

Unlike secondary hypertension that may occur in relation with certain kidney health issues essential hypertension happens by itself. The normal blood pressure reading for any person is 120/80 mmHg reading. When the pressure reading shows a higher amount, it indicates that the person is suffering from hypertension. Since hypertension can make you prone to other health problems too, proper care needs to be taken at the right stage.

Who can get Essential Hypertension?

While there are no noteworthy causes of essential hypertension, there are certain risk factors that one needs to be wary of. 

Here we have listed the risk factors and explained who are most prone to suffering from essential hypertension:

  • People who are overweight and obese have higher chances of getting high blood pressure issues.
  • A sedentary lifestyle with minimum physical exercise can lead to hypertension issues in the individuals.
  • Stress is among the prominent causes of essential hypertension in both men and women. We must learn to relax and de-stress if our body should perform effectively.
  • An unhealthy diet often leads to excess weight gain. It may also be one of the important causes of developing hypertension.

Knowing the different risk factors associated with essential hypertension can help one handle the signs and stay healthy to avoid such health problems.

What are the common symptoms of essential hypertension?

The difficult part about essential hypertension is that there are not many significant symptoms of this health condition. Most people realise they have essential hypertension when they conduct a regular health check-up.

What are the tests conducted to find out whether a person has essential hypertension?

Since there are no such symptoms, only tests can tell you whether you have essential hypertension. 

Here are some of the common tests conducted for testing blood pressure levels:

  • Kidney and Other Organ Function Tests: These tests may indicate the presence of secondary hypertension in people.
  • Cholesterol Test: Blood cholesterol levels are often associated with health problems related to the heart and also hypertension and diabetes. This test, also known as the lipid profile test, helps to check the cholesterol levels.
  • Echocardiogram: This test helps to check your heart functioning using sound waves.
  • Electrocardiogram: This is yet another test on the heart to check its electrical activity.

What is the treatment for Essential Hypertension?

There is no true cure for essential hypertension. However, there are some treatments one may consider to ensure revival from the condition. Doctors would check and first suggest that you should try natural remedies to keep your blood pressure in check. 

Here we have listed these measures out:

  • In case your hypertension is the result of excess weight gain, you need to reduce weight. You can do this through regular exercise and better diet choices. 
  • You need to eat a heart-healthy diet that is rich in potassium and fibre but low in sodium.
  • If you have unhealthy habits like smoking and drinking, quit them immediately to lead a better life.
  • Exercise needs to be a part of your routine if you wish to revive your health.
  • Stress is the cause of several health conditions including essential hypertension. You need to work and reduce your stress levels. Take time to relax and stay peaceful.

These measures can prevent increase in blood pressure and in some cases may reverse the scenario too. However, if these measures alone don’t help, you will have to consume some medicine to help reduce the pressure back to the regular state. 

Here are some of the medicines that are prescribed by the doctors:

  • Lopressor is a beta-blocker that is prescribed to high blood pressure patients.
  • Microzide is a diuretic that is prescribed for hypertension patients.
  • Doctors may also prescribe Norvasc which is a calcium channel blocker.
  • Renin inhibitors are also prescribed by doctors for cases of high blood pressure.

The medicines prescribed by doctors may vary based on your health condition.

What complications may arise due to this health condition?

Many serious complications can arise if essential hypertension is not controlled at the right stage.

Here we have listed out the major health risks that can be the result of essential hypertension:

  • Heart health may be adversely affected if high blood pressure is not controlled. It may lead to heart attack or heart failure in the long run.
  • Arteriosclerosis or the hardening of arteries is yet another medical condition that may arise from hypertension.
  • The possibility of stroke is also higher in case of patients with high blood pressure.
  • In the long run, the chances of kidney damage, eye damage and nerve damage also increase in case of patients with high blood pressure.

Reasons to relieve stress and ways to achieve it

One of the major reasons behind health problems like essential hypertension could be stress. In the pursuit for the best salary or lifestyle, most of us completely ignore our health. 

This in turn may cause severe health issues that cannot be permanently treated. That is why it is high time we do something to reduce the stress level in our lives. 

Here are some simple tips to help reduce stress in your life:

  1. Meditation:

One of the best ways to relieve stress is through regular meditation. Yoga and meditation have long-lasting health benefits. It also helps to recover inner peace.

  1. Exercise:

Our body needs regular exercise to stay fit. When we exercise, some stress relieving chemicals are also generated that helps you feel relaxed and peaceful.

  1. Good night’s sleep:

Anxiety and stress are often the result of improper sleep schedules. Each individual need roughly 6-8 hours of sleep. A sleep deprived person is more prone to health problems like hypertension.

  1. Pursuing your passion:

We tend to feel nice when we pursue our passion or hobby. It is a good idea to take some time out of your busy schedule to enjoy your hobby.

  1. Expressing:

We often fail to express the cause of our worry properly. This leads to emotional repression which in turn becomes anger and stress. Handling your emotions in a proper way by expressing your feelings in words can help you revive peace.

Bottom Line:

Essential hypertension is most often the result of unhealthy lifestyle and improper diet and sleep schedules. Work towards your health, maintain your body weight and keep your mind relaxed. These steps will help you prevent fluctuations in blood pressure. 

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