7 foolish way to lose your girlfriend


1. Complaining about her mistakes and failings:

If you keep on complaining your girlfriend about small things and make her realized about her shortcoming in her personality, you will lose your girlfriend. Every person in this world has faults. No one is perfect. So is your girlfriend. Girls are delicate by heart and they can’t stand those who try to find faults in them and discourage them. But if you will just look at her worst instead of best, you will lose your girlfriend.

2. Insulting and blaming her when angry:

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It’s common in most of the men that when they are angry on something, they blame their girlfriend for it. If you are frustrated for other reasons and you blame your girlfriend for all the shortcoming in your life, you will lose your girlfriend. She will feel useless for you and hence move back. No girl like being treated like crap! Not even you would like that!

3. Not appreciating her efforts

Like expression, appreciation is also what a girl need. No matter her efforts are big or small, she will want to hear the words of gratitude. If you love your girlfriend, appreciate her presence in your life, her efforts to make her feel special. If you will not encourage her presence in your life, she will feel useless and you will lose your girlfriend.

4. Not being honest about your feelings for her

Unlike girls, boys are less expressive and most of them don’t show what they feel for their lover. It’s one of the foolish mistakes to lose your girlfriend. If you are brave enough to make a girlfriend then be brave enough to express how you feel for her. Never stop telling how much you love her. After all, that’s what a girl wants and that’s why she is with you.  If she feels that you don’t have feelings for her, she will back off gradually and end up the relationship.

5. Not taking enough care of her

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Being extremely caring at the start and then inconsiderate about her later is the most stupid mistake in a relationship. It is common for guys to show their girlfriends that they are the most caring person on the earth and pretend to be Mr. Perfect. They put all the efforts in the start to impress their girl and when they realize it that their girlfriend is in love with them, they become least bothered about their existence. They care no more. Applying this foolish mistake while being in a relationship, ends up in losing your girlfriend.

6. Preferring friends and other people over her:

A girl in a relationship wants to be the preference of her man over all the other people in his life. Importance is what everyone wants. If you don’t understand this desire of her and prefer other people over her, you will lose your girlfriend. Love demands priority over all the other things. It’s all about preferences. Never take your relationship and your girlfriend for granted else you will lose your girlfriend forever.

7. being selfish in relationship

A relationship can never continue for a long time if you are selfish. If you only think about yourself and not her, you will lose your girlfriend.  Selfishness makes relationship shallow. Love mean leaving yourself behind for your lover, if you can’t do it, you can never be successful in relation.

Making a girlfriend may seem very easy but keeping your relationship with her is not as simple as you think. Girls are fragile. They need extra care, demands more efforts and more love from their guys. If you don’t want to lose your girlfriend then avoid the following 7 mistakes in your relationship. Committing these mistakes means regret for the rest of your life!

Tips to make your girls friend happy

Treat her special

Make Surpirse her

Prepare meme for her

keep smile in front of her

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