7 Pocket Tips for Designing Your Own Hoodies

Personalised running shirts are becoming a game-changer with every passing day. There are aplenty reasons behind it, most of which can be accounted to limitless options accompanying personalised shirts. Thanks to manufacturers like Zapkam you can design your own sportswear from the comfort of your home using a free online 3D Kit Designer. Benefits of using this kit designer are too many and mentioned below:

One, you get to choose almost any colour under the sky.

Two, there are plenty styles to choose from.

Three, you can add your club’s or team’s and sponsor’s logo.

Four, you can add your team member’s names, numbers and initials.

Five, your design is never discontinued.

Six, you can set up your own club shop and direct your teams and fans there.

And there are many more which we will leave for another day. Today, however, we will be discussing some handy tips for designing personalised running tops using a free 3D Kit Designer online.

#1 Suit your Style

Most manufacturers spoil you with options, unknowingly making it difficult for you to pick one. Our tip would be to choose one that suits your and your team’s style the best. You can also match it to the rest of your team sportswear.

#2 Find the Designer in Your Team

There is always one creative person in the team. Find that person and appoint him/her to design your running tops. This person could be one bearing a great sense of style or having superb vision. All you have to do is find that creative champ amongst you and support him/her in the designing endeavors.

#3 Look out for Inspiration

Social Media is a blessing in disguise. Consider Pinterest. It is an ocean of inspiration. Look at all those boards showcasing personalised running tops. Use them to your advantage. Also, manufacturers like Zapkam share a Photo Wall on their website to help you seek ideas. Make the most of it.

#4 Let your Logo Take the Lead

It is often suggested to let your logo take the lead and revolve the design of your shirt around your logo. The idea is to create something that highlights your logo and enhances its visibility.

#5 Design a Handful

Good thing about using a free online 3D Kit Designer like the one at Zapkam is that you can create as many 3D mock ups as you wish. Naturally you would want to use it to your advantage and design a handful of styles before finalizing one.

#6 Take Time to Choose the Printing Option

This is extremely important. Many manufacturers offer more than one option to print the design. Two of the most common options are sublimation and cut and sew. Both has its own advantages and disadvantages. So, read the fine print before you invest.

#7 Seek Support

It never hurts to ask. Whenever stuck, seek support. Manufacturers who offer free online 3D Kit Designer often have a full support team to guide you. Ask all your queries and only place the order after you are absolutely convinced with your design.

Final Tip

As an add-on tip, we would say, make sure your design has all the elements you wanted in the right place and order. This is crucial because most manufacturers do not accept returns of previously delivered designs.

Author: Amit Sharma

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