Scalp and Facial Hair Transplant in Turkey

We all agree that hair loss or commonly known as baldness is a problem that causes a big deal of distraction and frustration to victims of both genders. This cosmetic problem affects both genders equally however is more common amongst men.

The causes of baldness differ from person to another and it could be a result to a combination of causes in some people. With hormonal issues being a main cause, some people believe that it’s the testosterone. However, modern science proves that a hormone called dihydrotestosterone (DHT), which is converted from testosterone is the one behind baldness. In this manner, hair follicles are sensitive to (DHT) and they usually shrink and die whenever the level of (DHT) in the blood goes higher than the norm.

Another main cause behind hair loss is that related to hereditary (genetic) conditions passing from parents to siblings. Poor diet, health conditions, certain types of medications and treatments, injuries caused by accidents, wrong life practice such as smoking are also among the common factors encouraging baldness to spread.

The severity of baldness differs from one person to another, and is evaluated based on a measurement known as Norwood scale. Within this scale, the level of baldness is measured in degrees increasingly from one to seven being the severest.

Depending on the result of Norwood, the surgeon can specify the suitable treatment, the number of grafts to be transplanted if a hair surgery is applied, and the density of hair expected to grow in the bald area.

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Turkey Hair Transplant- The Ultimate Solution

Hair Transplant is a cosmetic procedure that was developed in the 1950s to tackle the problem of excessive hair loss. Under local anesthesia, the process usually takes from 5 to 8 hours depending on the number of follicles determined in the evaluation stage. In simple words, it involves removing hair from the baldness-resistant area of the scalp (donor area) and implanting them into the bald one (receiving area). Forever, the implanted follicles will then continue growing with the same characteristics of the original hair.

Beard Hair Transplant. Is it worth it?

Yes, it is absolutely worth a shot since your beard along with your hair are two of the masculine features that you can style as per your desires. One can have irregular or downright bald patches in their facial hairline similar to their head due to a scar or simple genetic features that one has got from their parents.

Beard transplant in Turkey is carried out using the most effective FUE method. It is considered one of the greatest achievements of modern dermatology. It is a safe procedure that has higher rates of success and is often concluded in a matter of hours. The timeframe for the procedure varies with the number of grafts one needs to fulfill their dream of a thick beard!

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Is Beard Hair Transplant Beneficial?

Beard transplant procedures are slowly but steadily gaining grounds in terms of popularity. All applauds should go to the advances made in dermatology which makes Turkey hair transplant, a safe procedure that leaves no scars on the facial tissue of the patient.

When one is looking for the benefits of a beard transplant, well the answer is a thick, evenly spread, shiny, natural looking beard after the transplant procedure.

Beard transplant procedures work wonders for those who want to cover their facial scars that can be the result of a burn, birthmarks, or the scars of a repaired cleft lip. One can also opt for this process if they wish to increase the density of facial hair growth, especially in their moustache region.

Am I a Good Candidate for a Scalp or Beard Hair Transplant?

For some patients, hair surgery could become an unreachable dream due to poor donor area or certain health conditions such as heart problems, diabetes, fluctuating blood pressure, kidney failure and Hepatitis C. For that, it’s important to be clear and informative when it comes to discussing the procedure with the surgeon prior to the day of the surgery. Additionally, the patient should always remember that hair surgery is a less invasive procedure and requires a highly experienced and skillful surgeon in order to successfully fulfill the expected results. That’s why experts always recommend spending a little more time searching for an excellent clinic before booking a seat or packing luggage towards a certain destination.

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