Useful tips for Plumbing System:


If you are not an expert in the trade and if the plumbing system does not present specific problems, identifying the signs that reveal the need to redo the same system is not easy.

Discover our useful tips on how to identify the problems that usually lead to plumbing and what components to use.

Plumbing: what are the signs that you need to do it again?

The main reason why it is often necessary to redo a plumbing system is its age, which leads to the natural deterioration of pipes and fittings.

After many years of operation you may experience frequent breakages, resulting in water leaks that flood not only your apartment but also that of your neighbors.

Often the solution to water leaks is simply fixing the single problem. But that’s not always the right solution.

Carrying out a repair in very old systems, especially in a single point, means risking that the same problem recurs elsewhere in the system.

If the problem occurs only once, the best solution is to have it repaired. If, on the other hand, leaks are frequent, the right solution is the refurbishment of the entire plumbing system.

In order to avoid having a mixture of both old and disused and new and functioning pipes, it is advisable to have the old plumbing system completely removed.

What does the removal of the old plumbing consist of?

This is an operation involving both the addiction and the discharge part. It consists of:

  • Removal of existing coatings both in the bathrooms and in the kitchen;
  • Opening of the traces in the walls to remove pipes and any other element that makes up the system;
  • Flooring in the bathrooms and also in the kitchen, to remove all the pipes present.

Finally, you can proceed with the installation of the sanitary ware and complete the work with a beautiful painting of the new environments.

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In addition to the age of the plumbing system, there are two other factors that indicate whether it needs to be redone or not. They are:

the quality of running water. If dark water with a metallic taste and smell comes out of the tap, there has probably been a phenomenon of corrosion of metal pipes for some time. If, on the other hand, the water leaves white dusty residues that are difficult to remove, then it is highly calcareous and could reduce the internal diameter of the pipes or jeopardize the correct functioning of the various hydraulic elements.
The presence of halos or dark spots. If dark areas or areas that are cold to the touch form near pipes, there may be condensation. It is typical of non-insulated metal pipes which, in the long run, could give rise to more serious damage to the walls.

What are the elements that make up a plumbing system?

A complete water system consists of the following elements:

Purifier: device that allows the treatment of water making it suitable for domestic use. It is usually installed in areas where the water is not drinkable or is particularly “hard”.

Supply and distribution network. It allows water to be conducted from the aqueduct to various points within the home. It is made up of pipes and a series of accessories and components.

Boiler or water heater: device necessary to produce hot water for sanitary use.

Taps and accessories, essential for the supply and accumulation of the supplied water. They are connected to the drains to remove water once used.

Drainage network:

Makes it possible to remove the water used.


It is installed only where there is the need to raise the water pressure.

Counter is the dividing point between the private plumbing system of the building and the municipal distribution network. In old buildings, the meter can be located in the house, while in modern apartments it can be placed in public access cabins. The meter has the task of measuring and certifying water consumption. It would be preferable for it to be placed outside in order to relieve the property owner of any responsibility. Public access makes maintenance and management of the device easier.

Stop Knob:

Which activates the so-called general tap allowing you to completely disable the water flow of the apartment in the event of a breakdown and / or maintenance work.

Adduction piping to the terminals for domestic use:

Carries cold water to any device or household appliance suitable for water use, such as, for example, sink, washing machine, dishwasher. It constitutes a real hydraulic backbone of the apartment.

Valves or taps regulate the punctual flow of water according to the needs of the moment. They can be manual or electrically or electronically controlled.

Drain pipes take away waste water after it has been used. The so-called black water comes from the toilet drain and must be disposed of through the sewer. All other wastewater, called gray water, can optionally be recovered through special purification systems.

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