Saving Money on Grocery Shopping


Most of the Americans spend at least 10% of their salary of groceries every month. This definitely makes them a budget buster. Although grocery is an unavoidable expense, there is no problem in looking at some strategies to save your money on it.

Whether it is inorganic or organic food online, everything has a way of making a hole in our pocket. So, the idea of making an informed choice and saving money is important. Let’s go through some of the best tricks to save money now.

  1. Make a List: It may sound absurd but when you make a list of groceries which you “actually need”, a lot of expense can be spared. How many times have you went to buy Indian masala online but end up putting 10 different chocolate packs to the cart? Probably every time. Maintain a note, track all your grocery expenses and create an inventory of essentials that are about to get over in the kitchen. When you sit with your phone and browse to even buy organic millets online, this list would always help you out.
  2. Quality over quantity: Another hack to save money is giving preference to quality over quantity. For instance, when you add 10 jars of pickle to the cart, ask yourself – “do I really want it?”, if the answer is no then add only 2 of the best soaps for yourself! This same theory applies to everything else. Your focus should be on buying what you want and not what seems attractive. That way you will be able to save a lot of money that would have been spent on unnecessary things.
  3. Put your faith in technology: Applications like Spending Tracker, Walnut, Spending Expense Tracker are perfect for people who cannot stay organized and managing expenses is really difficult for them. Some apps require you to feed daily expenses whereas others automatically read the messages when a transaction is conducted. These applications help you keep a track on the expenses.
  4. Keep a check on sale: When you buy frequently on a shopping website, it gives you offers on different grocery items. There are also a lot of coupons and discount codes available. Sometimes discount coupons get applied instantly at the checkout page but a lot of times you have to keep an eye for the hidden codes.
  5. Don’t shop during busy times: When you want to get groceries delivered during a busy period like holidays, usually the delivery chargers are higher. If you notice that an online store is levying such high prices, avoid making a purchase at that time. Simply order before a festive season or after it is over.
  6. Try to avoid delivery fees: Usually with many online stores, there is a policy that above a particular amount, delivery charges would not be levied. So, try to avoid that fees. You can order your groceries in bulk to make sure that the delivery is done at free of cost.
  7. Keep a check on email: Every online grocery store sends you promotional emails. But a lot of times those emails include discount codes and beneficial offers for you. Make sure that you skim through their mails so that you do not miss out on a special discount or promo code that can also be used in the future.
  8. Choose your subscription offer carefully: Some online grocery services offer subscriptions. There is no delivery fees for the same if you meet their minimum requirements. In a lot of cases in which you can sign up to receive free trials of the service. This subscription helps you get to know about the latest offers and discounts.

Benefits of Online Grocery Shopping

Grocery shopping can be fun online but more than that it seems so much more beneficial! How? Let’s find out –

  • Comfort of our home – When we buy groceries online, we do not have to move. Everything is at our comfort and all we have to worry about is spending too much money.
  • No waiting in line for our turn – When we go to a grocery store, there is just too much rush and pain of waiting at the cash counter to take our products home. With online shopping, we do not have to suffer so much. Simply add to cart and wait for the delivery guy!
  • Browse at your convenience – No matter what time it is, you can easily browse all the groceries at your own time. You do not have to worry about the store closing down or finding an ATM for cash. Everything is at your convenience.

Organic food online is gaining a lot of recognition and a lot of grocery stores like Goodie Grocer are stocking up the best products for you. Check out the products and add to cart today.

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Author: ramakant sharma24