Top Medical Universities in Kazakhstan to Study MBBS in Abroad

Admission to MBBS in Kazakhstan is approaching and prospective candidates must now choose the name of the medical university where they want to study MBBS abroad.

Take an Aspect at Several of the Major Medical Universities for MBBS in Kazakhstan for Indian Students –

  1. Astana Medical University
  2. Kazakh National Medical University
  3. Semey State Medical University
  4. Al Farabi Kazakh National University
  5. West Kazakhstan State Medical University
  6. Shymkent State Medical University

How to Accept Admission in Kazakhstan MBBS Colleges or Universities for Indian Students

MBBS for Indian students in Kazakhstan is at the center of the discussion, as this year there are a large number of MBBS aspirants in India looking forward to being recognized to MBBS in Kazakhstan.

  1. Below we provide you with a simple, detailed guide to help you with this.
  2. First of all, Indian candidates have to apply for the NEET (National Eligibility cum Entrance Test) exam and qualify, because without NEET (National Eligibility cum Entrance Test), candidates cannot apply for admission to the MBBS in Kazakhstan.
  3. Candidates must submit their applications to the MBBS before the deadline.
  4. Candidates accepted by a university like Kazakh National Medical University (KNMU) will be invited to complete the application formalities.
  5. At the time of admission, you will need to bring all the required documents with you, and upon payment of the fee, the entrance fee will be terminated.
  6. Please note that the application is based on the order of arrival and arrival. You must submit your application at the correct time.

Admission Requirements

There are a number of medical universities or colleges in Kazakhstan like Kazakh National Medical University (KNMU) where you can easily get admission to MBBS in abroad. Take a look at the following MBBS admission requirements for Indian students –

  1. Indian candidates will require MCI (Medical Council of India) approval.
  2. The original birth certificate and a sheet with the 10th stamp would also be required.
  3. A scanned copy of the passport and visa will be submitted by candidates at a university like Kazakh National Medical University (KNMU).
  4. A scanned copy of other educational documents would also be required.

Financial Advice

There are many recognized MCI (Medical Council of India) medical universities like Kazakh National Medical University (KNMU) in Kazakhstan from which candidates from India can also apply to study MBBS. Funding is also very important for health aspirants along with their parents, as the MBBS in Kazakhstan can cost more than any other Asian country and is therefore still less so than medical universities in India. Our primary advice to Indian parents is to be able to choose for their children any cheap medical schools in Kazakhstan from which they could study the MBBS program abroad at reasonable prices.

Apply Now to Study MBBS in Kazakhstan

Admission to MBBS in Kazakhstan is almost behind the door, and this is the right time for those interested in studying health care to try to apply for MBBS abroad for an exam. So apply now to study MBBS in Kazakhstan 2021 today and reserve your place for MBBS programs in Kazakhstan!

Author: Jyoti Garg

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