Electrical Wire and Cable Specialists Make 1 AWG Welding Cable Like No One Else

Welding cable is manufactured by a lot of different companies, but only Electrical Wire and Cable Specialists (EWCS) makes their cable to the most exacting standards using the highest-quality materials and providing the very best customer service.

Welding Cable is Welding Cable, Right?

Wrong, welding cable comes with a lot of variables. Purchasing agents and shop managers know what works best for their production floor and that usually means better design and engineering. EWCS uses base materials sourced in the USA, that way they know they can avoid the pitfalls of inconsistent quality many manufacturers who use offshore products encounter.

Important Features and Benefits

The challenge to making 1 Awg Welding Cable is making it flexible and durable. EWCS uses 30 gauge copper wiring that can carry up to 600 volts in temperatures ranging from -40C to +105C. EWCS manufactures the welding cable with either a red or black sheathing jacket that is oil, water, and sunlight resistant. It is available in single color coils or dual coils with each color. It is the perfect product for all types of welding configurations.

Quality Materials Make Quality Products

Sourcing base materials is the most important first step to constructing a high-quality, durable welding cable. EWCS doesn’t go looking for the cheap stuff made offshore. EWCS uses only the best materials because they know they will get the result that their customers expect. It’s important not to have any nicks or cuts in the final wire as that reduces longevity and conductivity.

Factory Direct Pricing Makes EWCS 1 AWG Welding Cable a Better Value

Many manufacturers of welding cable sell their product through local or regional distributors. That can make the price of the products jump up 40% or more. EWCS sells factory direct and cuts the middleman’s markup out of the picture. Large quantity orders receive appropriate discounting to save even more money. Saving money makes accountants, shop managers, and machine operators happy because they know they’re the best bang for their buck.

Over the Top Customer Service
Customer Service doesn’t start after the sale; it starts before the sale and EWCS starts by having two-day shipping available for free. Let’s repeat that so no one misunderstands. Free two-day shipping. Our customers have always appreciated that EWCS not only has the products they need, but they can also deliver those products in 48 hours. That’s a huge advantage for our customers.

Seven Service Centers Across America

When it’s time to order 1 AWG Welding Cable, there’s only one place to consider and that’s Electrical Wire and Cable Specialists. EWCS is committed to providing the best products at the best prices with the best service and that commitment is tied directly to EWCS’ multiple service centers. Most other companies ship from one or two points but not EWCS. It’s an integral part of EWCS’ marketing and delivery methods and it supports EWCS’ customer care commitment.

Meeting and Exceeding Specifications Means Peace of Mind

The best part of being an EWCS customer is the peace of mind that comes with the products. Professionals know ordering and delivery of welding cable is just the beginning of the process. Everyday, the cable has to perform its tasks over and over without interruptions from breakage or deterioration. EWCS 1 AWG Welding Cable comes with peace of mind engineered into the final product. Shop managers, production supervisors, and purchasing agents don’t want to waste time and money working with inferior products. When they order EWCS products, they know they’re working with the best. It’s a nice added value you don’t pay extra for.

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