Electrical Wire and Cable Specialists Has More Choices in 600 Volt Wire Than Anyone

As a manufacturer specialized distributor of all types of electrical wire and cable, Electrical Wire and Cable Specialists (EWCS) has an amazing selection of 600 Volt Wire. The wire is used in construction, welding, marine battery cables, and many other applications. It is available in single conductoruit or multi-conductordual conduit flat cable. It is also available in a high-flexibility design that is great for difficult installations.

Why Electrical Wire and Cable Specialists Over the Other Guys?

There are several reasons why a smart shop owner, contractor, purchasing agent or production floor manager would want to use EWCS 600 Volt Wire:

  • High Quality Construction
  • More Styles to fit more conditions
  • Reliability and Longevity
  • Pricing
  • Two-day Shipping
  • Customer Service

Starting with the Best Metals Makes a Big Difference

Wire and cable may not seem like difficult items to engineer, but they are. What is most important is starting with quality base metals and materials. The copper and aluminum refined and extruded to be used in EWCS wire and cable must be of the purest metal. If the metal isn’t the best quality, the wire made from it won’t be the best quality. Sourcing base metals from offshore resources won’t cut it as far as EWCS is concerned. Only the best materials go into EWCS’ wire and cable.

Quality Design and Engineering Leads to Quality Construction

By using the highest quality materials, EWCS is able to produce their wire without nicks or cuts which can affect performance and longevity. The engineers at EWCS know their customers expect the best results during installation. Regardless of the application, many other manufacturers and contractors who use the wire and cable have come to rely on EWCS’ products. Consistency in the construction and production of 600 Volt wire is what sets EWCS apart from their competitors.

Choices, Choices and More Choices

Some of the products manufactured by EWCS that have 600 Volt capability are:

  • 1/0 AWG 1064 Strands Fully Tinned Type lll Copper Marine Boat Battery Wire
  • 2 Gauge Premium Extra Flexible Welding Cable
  • 4 AWG Marine Grade Tinned Copper Boat Battery Cable
  • 6 Gauge Premium Extra Flexible Welding Cable
  • 8 AWG UL Approved Marine Grade Tinned Copper Boat Battery Cable
  • 14 AWG Marine Wire -Tinned Copper Primary Boat Cable
  • 16 AWG 2 Conductor – Tinned Copper Duplex Flat Boat Cable

There are dozens more designs and specifications available. Please go to www.ewcs.com to view the entire product line available.

Please note – All 600 Volt Wire has UL approval and all boat wiring is USCG approved. The wire can be ordered in Black, Red, Yellow, Green, and White PVC sheathingJackets.

Free Two-day Shipping on All EWCS Products

Not many manufacturers offer Two-day shipping for free. Smart buyers know there really isn’t anything such as “Free”, the cost is built into the product’s pricing. How is Electrical Wire and Cable Specialists able to include the shipping costs in the product prices? They can do it because they sell factory-direct to their customers. By selling their products factory-direct EWCS saves the costs of buying through a middleman or distributor. That saves as much as 40% to 50% over products purchased through a local distributor or retailer.

Seven Service Centers Across America Means Better Service

EWCS maintains ships from seven service centers to expedite customer orders for delivery. That means there is an Electrical Wire and Cable Specialists warehouse nearby. Customer support and service is accomplished much more readily and easily. Customers seem to like the products and the customer service because they’ve been purchasing EWCS’ products for a quarter of a century.

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Find out why so many companies have come to rely on Electrical Wire and Cable Specialists for all their wire and cable needs. You’ll be glad you did.

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