Understanding How Air Duct Cleaning Works

This will remove any debris that may have built up in the air ducts. It is actually a task that is usually forgotten but is very important. Because ducts and vents are often overlooked, many homeowners may not even remember the last time they were looked after.

The fact is, sewer cleaning can have health benefits and even lower your energy costs and extend the life of your compressed air system.

This is how air duct cleaning works.

There are many methods of cleaning air ducts, but most professionals use a specific type of vacuum system. The system works as follows; a system is connected to the duct system to provide suction.

A high pressure air hose is passed through the duct system to remove the particles from inside. The other system uses a large special suction cup attached to a hose line and a brush system that runs through the duct system. Both systems are effective when properly operated by a professional.

Proper cleaning also includes cleaning all registers, inside the duct and inside the heating and ventilation system air duct cleaning Asheville. The oven fan needs cleaning, and if you have air conditioning, the coils inside the system also need to be thoroughly cleaned.

A disinfectant can also be misted through the cleaned system to remove bacteria, mold and dust mites that may have been left behind during the cleaning process.

The entire process shouldn’t take more than five hours, but it depends on the size of the house. If a house has several cooling or heating systems, or if the systems are in complex places such as the roof, the cleaning process becomes a bit tedious and time-consuming.

Importance of air duct cleaning

Air duct cleaning has many health and financial benefits for the homeowner. Dust and other debris that build up in the heating and cooling system encourage the growth of mold and bacteria when moisture gets into the system.

Among other things, this leads to health problems such as allergic reactions. Unclean air duct systems are less efficient and usually fail frequently, unlike clean systems which require less energy to operate, reducing energy costs.


While the process is great, you should be careful when performing it. This is because cleaning can help spread contaminants throughout the house, which can be more damaging than the air duct.