Can a Car with HID Have Regular Headlights?

hid headlights

HID, or "high-intensity discharge," is the official term. Because they use xenon gas rather than
halogen, HID headlights are also sometimes referred to as xenon headlights. Despite being
almost 20 years old, they first gained popularity because to the "Fast and Furious" films. A
halogen headlight bulb has a 1,400-lumen output capacity. However, you can get 3,000 lumens
using HIDs. In comparison to the factory default, HIDs are therefore more than twice as
powerful. They operate by generating a current between two electrodes that are sealed inside
the xenon-filled bulb.

What are the Different Types of HID Headlights?

Types of HID Headlights

There are two main types of HID headlights. Depending on your individual requirements and
your budget, you should select a particular type.

  •  Standard HID Headlights

    For automobiles that need one light bulb for the low beams and another for the high beams,
    standard HID headlights are adequate. A single-beam headlight system is a name for this kind of
    lighting setup. A halogen bulb is utilized for the main beam and an HID bulb is used for the low
    beam in a single-beam system.

  •  Bi-Xenon Headlights

    Some vehicles have dual-beam lighting systems that can work with bi-xenon headlights. Both
    the high beam and the low beam are produced by this technique using the same type of bulb.
    While some bi-xenon headlights use reflectors, others use shields to go from the low-beam
    setting to the high-beam setting. Bi-xenon headlights are more expensive and require more
    maintenance since they feature more moving components than conventional HID headlights.
    Additionally, vehicles with single-beam lighting systems cannot use bi-xenon headlights.

The Advantages of HID Headlights

Consider the following list of the most noteworthy advantages you’ll receive if you decide to
utilize HID headlights on your car when comparing LED vs HID headlights:

  •  Affordable Improvement

You won’t spend a lot of money replacing your car’s halogen headlights with these ones. This
advantage won’t last for very long, though, if you keep putting off making a choice due to the
gradually falling cost of LEDs.

  •  Brighter Lighting

    If you choose an HID bulb, you can be certain that your automobile is outfitted with the
    brightest, whitest, and most powerful light possible. It naturally improves your nighttime
    driving visibility.

  •  More Distance

    Since they emit such strong light, driving allows for significantly more visibility. This lessens the
    risk associated with nighttime driving, particularly if your night vision is not as good. HID lights
    are therefore perfect for driving in foggy circumstances.

  • Decreased Energy Use

    And last, they barely utilize any energy. They only require a significant amount of energy when
    you are starting them up; otherwise, they have a low running consumption.

The Disadvantages of HID Headlights

Consider the following potential disadvantages of utilizing HID headlights when comparing LED
and Halogen headlights:

  •  Luminous Potential

    They have exceptionally bright headlights. They can produce intense glare because they are so
    bright, which could be problematic for any oncoming traffic. This can also be an issue if you’re
    following another car, albeit they can adjust their rearview mirror to make up for it.

  • Slow to Begin

    The highest brightness that they can produce has a delay. HID headlight bulbs might take up to
    30 seconds to heat up and reach their brightest point, depending on the type you purchase.
    Despite being brighter than LEDs, they use more energy because of their lengthy start-up times.

  • Limited Options

Colors are severely constrained for you. It is challenging to even produce lights that come in
different hues because of the way HID headlights are made. Despite this, choosing a light color
shouldn’t be a top priority when making a purchase. Your priority list should place improved
visibility far higher.

Can a Car with HID Have Regular Headlights?

Halogen and HID light bulbs cannot be used in the same fixture. Four headlight bulbs total is
frequently found on vehicles with high-beam and low-beam switching capabilities. However,
there are also options for low- and high-beam headlights.
Theoretically, yes, but the way your car is designed might make it difficult or prevent it. Due to
the unique connection/adapter designs on each car, aftermarket h11 LED bulbs may not always
fit or permit a secure attachment.

Is It Illegal to Have HID Headlights?

High-intensity discharge (HID) headlights are legal in some locations, however, in California, you
can only use headlamps with white or yellow light-emitting diodes.

Can You Put LED Bulbs in HID Projectors?

However, due to ongoing safety concerns, LED bulbs should only be used in projector
headlights and not in reflector headlights. Automobile headlights have advanced significantly
from the time of tungsten filament lamps.

What cars come with HID lights installed?

There are still some new automobiles with halogen headlights, and these automobiles’
headlights function better than some automobiles with LED and HID headlights. A good
illustration of this is BMW. Although I believe BMW vehicles generally have current headlights,
the company performed very poorly in a survey of headlamp performance.

Final Thoughts

HID headlights or LED headlights are the two most popular and well-known alternatives among
them. To begin with, both options significantly increase visibility when compared to halogen
lights, which effectively reduces the likelihood that an accident would occur at night.

Author: Jyoti Garg

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