Top 10 Hotels in Dubai for Couples to Enjoy

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Hotels for couples in Dubai If you are happily growing as a couple you probably know by now that how important it is to keep appreciating the relationship every once in a while like take them out for dinner sometimes or for a vacation.

What can be more amazing than a perfect romantic getaway with your better half?

So have you decided where you are going to take them this holiday season? There are countless destinations where you can spend quality time and out of all those places if you are planning on going to Dubai there are so many options available not just for site seeing but in hotels too.

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You can check out different romantic places in Dubai for couples before you head out for the trip so that you are ready beforehand.  Here are few of the Dubai famous hotels that can ease out your search for a romantic hotel:

  • Jumeirah Beach Hotel

The beach view in Dubai is a very popular site and an ideal place for couples. At Jumeirah Beach Hotel you can stay in a room close to the beach and enjoy the view from there with your beloved. It is among the most preferred hotels in Dubai for couples. You can book a room out of ocean deluxe balcony, presidential suite, one bedroom ocean suite, and more.

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You can add more to your stay by dining at the restaurant or lounge at the hotel and try out various cuisines. Along with this if you are a sporty person you and your love can take each other on in a session of tennis at the hotel only.

  • Bab Al Shams

Don’t you think if the quality is good the quantity shouldn’t be a problem? Just like that Bab Al Shams is a desert resort which isn’t as huge as many other hotels in Dubai but is a fine place to spend some of the lovely nights in Dubai.  It has sufficient options in rooms and suites with activities like fat bike riding, camel and horse riding, etc.

Dubai is a world famous tourist place so there are many people traveling in and out of Dubai regularly. Therefore you should check the online hotel booking in Dubai well in advance with the help of travel sites such as Tajawal. And also by accessing Tajawal Offers, you cannot just book desired hotels and flights but also save a fair amount of money.

  • Hilton Dubai

Those who want to have a decent outing with their love but are also not capable of spending too much can search for cheap hotels in Dubai with breakfast.  There are various affordable accommodations around the city such as Hilton Dubai.

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Hilton is the smartest low budget choice for a beachfront hotel. It has an Italian restaurant to try out if you haven’t before along with multiple lounges. With the right person, it isn’t less than any other luxury hotel.

  • Anantara The Palm Dubai

While on a romantic trip you definitely don’t want to upset your love over silly issues from food to travel and anything else related to the trip and if your love is a little picky when it comes to choosing the type of accommodation you won’t want to mess it up.

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At Anantara, you get to make a pick from a number of accommodation types starting from a suite to a private apartment to choices in Villas such as overwater Villa and beach pool Villa. When you will be looking for such hotels and furthermore facilities online you can also access the Dubai couple package that will give you random advantages and guides on staying and roaming about the tourist sites.

  • Armani Hotel

Before coming to Dubai did you searched for honeymoon hotels, Dubai? In case you did, you probably have come across Armani hotel which is a 5-Star establishment in hotels and resorts situated at the major attraction of Dubai, The Burj Khalifa.

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Spending your holidays at Armani’s suite will add elegance to your stay plus you can have a real classy experience. Well, if you can afford then this hotel is one of the best choices otherwise you can go through numerous other 3 star hotels in Dubai as per your suitability.

  • Al-Maha Desert Resort

The first thing that comes to mind when we talk Dubai is desert, a lot of people are really fascinated it and no Dubai vacation is ever complete without visiting the desert, Are you or your lover of those people? Al-Maha resort is surrounded by deserts where you can book a room to adore the dunes in peace.

In addition to these, you get to explore different desert fun activities and adventures with this resort such as camel ride, desert drives, Ghaf tree walk, and wildlife safari. By the evening you can sit under the night sky with sand all around and have a romantic dinner with your beloved.

  • The Ritz-Carlton

The Ritz-Carlton is one of the best hotels in Dubai for unmarried couples where you can have a stress free vacation as a couple. You can avail various amenities at Ritz-Carlton hotels and resorts like a Spa treatment for two, swimming pools, and private beaches.

To glorify your stay you can enjoy your meal at the Hotel’s outdoor restaurant in dim light. Besides, there are lobby lounge, library bar, and Caravan buffet.  There are some fun activities as well like kite flying, bird-watching, and soccer.

  • Fairmont Dubai

Fairmont is a luxury hotel that is located in the heart of Dubai near the Dubai Mall. Here you can experience a royal stay at its luxurious suite. Apart from these suites if you are looking forward to knowing how living in Dubai is you can book a Fairmont apartment as well and live the culture of the city.

Usually, the only thing holding such trips back is the budget. But nowadays you can carry out reservations directly through online portals like Qatar Airways which provide you with facilities like Qatar hotel deals using which you can get budget hotels in Dubai.  

  • Fraser Suites

There is a varying range of hotels and resorts in Dubai from which you can pick from. Fraser Suites Dubai is one of these hotels and is a favorable choice for cheap hotels in Dubai. It has premium rooms and apartments for the customers.

Plus, it has a temperature control pool, a fulltime gym, steam room, an aqua café, and a playroom. You can avail a sophisticated and romantic vacation here with your other half.

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  • Conrad Dubai

Another ideal luxury hotel for couples is Conrad. It is a 5-Star hotel which is based at such a place that it isn’t too far from The Dubai Mall, airport and The Burj Khalifa. At Conrad, you and your loved one can choose your stay from a variety of choices.  It has King Deluxe room, Royal Suite with lounge access, King executive room, and more.

In order to have an economical stay at Conrad or anywhere else in Dubai, you can check out discount hotels Dubai on the internet and enjoy facilities like Spa and fitness center as in Conrad.


There is nothing wrong in stepping out of your routine sometimes to cherish your relationship and for that Dubai is just the right destination. So above mentioned points are some of the best romantic hotels for you.

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