Philips TV has Entered The Entry Level Roku Enabled TV

Philips roku tv

Since Roku ruled the media streaming service in the entire world, but especially in the united states, so many smart TV manufacturers have been interested in loading the Roku software to increase their overall sales. Most of people nowadays are interested in buying Roku built-in intelligent TVs rather than buying and connecting external Roku stick devices. The company CEO has said in a press conference it’s exceeded the time Philips to enter into the Roku smart TVs.

What makes Philips Roku smart TV more efficient than just a smart TV

The Philips company started its first Roku smart TV manufactured in 2019. They are provided the latest version software of Roku, and the Roku OS gives more features to the users. In addition, there is a chance for the users to update the Roku software using a high-speed network connection to the smart TV.

Basically, Philips is a TV brand that comes very slowly in the modern market. Though all the TV manufacturers are already entered into the QLED model display, Philips has just introduced the model this year.

It’s very happy news for all those who were always Philips users by the launch of the Roku and QLED smart TV models because they don’t want to get any other TV series or brand. Because Philips make such a huge trust among users since the old days. So many elder people are just brazed with the Philips products like their old radio, FM set, torchlight, etc.

Software Update is possible

As with any other smart TV, Philips has a great feature users can itself able to update the OS installed on the TV. This makes a user more trust and convenient to upgrade the feature which is loaded by the software professionals on the operating system They don’t want any technical knowledge, just a single click can upgrade the smart TV software and get the latest features on the TV without bringing the TV into the authorized center.

Third-party universal remote supported

It’s very useful when the TV is able to be compatible with a third-party remote control commonly called universal remote control. So many users are using universal remotes when they lost or damaged their original TV remote control. I can see that a lot of people are keeping spare universal remotes like General electrical remotes aka GE universal remotes and using the low-budget remote to their Philips TV by programming 4-digit codes. Not only the GE remotes, but a lot of other universal remotes are available in the market that you can use along with the Philips TV. Pick the right one and then use it with your TV. Get the best reviews from The trusted seller and service provider of the universal remote controls

You don’t need to manage the external Roku stick

Since the Roku Philips smart TV has a built-in application, you don’t need to manage the Roku streaming externally. You don’t need to use the original remote to turn TV on or off the Roku stick. All that comes with the Philips Roku original remote control. The same smart TV remote has the access to all that you needed to control your TV, and Roku streaming service.

Suppose, if you want to upgrade the Roku application installed on your Philips smart TV, then there is a menu option available that you can go through the TV settings to update the application software. All that you needed is just connect the continuous WiFi strong network to the smart TV. There is no option to connect the TV Via the ethernet cable.

The picture quality is awesome

When you are going to buy a smart TV all that you need to check the picture quality of the TV. Nowadays all of the buyers are looking for high-definition quality like ultra high-quality pictures. The Roku Philips smart TV comes with an HD, ultra-HD quality series. This makes pixel-perfect video streaming with the Roku streaming device. Roku has a high-quality video library, and all the shows, movies, etc streamed in HD manner.


Hope you enjoyed reading this article. If you are a fan of the Philips USA network, some more advanced smart TVs are on their plan which will be launched in the coming years. So, keep updated.



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