Headless WordPress is no code solution trending for website development


It is important for saving time and cost but a poorly stacked product will generate results at first instance but will be difficult in enhancement, efficiency, and effectiveness. It helps in covering all the future requirements and changes so a little more time at the initial stage saves a lot of time, cost and produces an efficient software product. 

The most important factor and the building block of a software product is its technology stack. Using a simple platform that follows a no-code strategy for website development. Headless WordPress ready to create an internet app that automatically does this for them. It even lowered the manual overhead once they had to feature new product lines and update prices.

Headless wordpress Support for non-technical people

Not everyone and every business are developing a complete solution from the beginning. Sometimes they use no-code, sometimes low-code is adopted to fulfill the needs. The platforms that offer no-code solutions like the website platforms and the other application building solutions and also some are available for the low-code where partially the application is built via visual editors and the added options are developed by the software team. 

Headless wordpress behind the no-code solution

Headless wordpress Themes has no-code solutions and are full of coding. The only change is you don’t see it and you have not seen the efforts behind the development.

  1. Take the example of website solutions like building Gatsby’s WordPress Website that uses static site generators and headless CMS using the JAMstack technology.
  2. The Modern stack development solutions have been designed and drafted to ease the efforts of the developers and some of the developers love the tech enhancement.
  3. The backbone of the development of websites and applications is based on the fixed structure and architecture like a strong DB and a well-designed software architecture either it is a visual editor based or coding based.
  4. Good developers are rarely found as t is not about writing codes blindly and it involves more experience in understanding the less coding technique, business requirement, and the flexibility of coding to add more features or future requirements.
  5. It has been predicted that till the year 2022 the market of the no-code development platform will grow up to $21.2 billion.


Benefits of Headless WordPress

Most of all, you don’t want to have app requests take months to complete. Automation solutions enable you to speed things along and not have everything stuck in an inbox somewhere. No code solution lets your business users create their applications, without needing to know how to code. 

  • Highly secured

  • No coding required

  • Free hosting

  • SEO Optimized

  • Easy to customized

The right tech stack has several headless wordpress themes benefits for the software products. Headless WordPress know the architecture of product like you can go for Jamstack or any other of your own choice. The right stack affects the performance of the software to a greater extent. Headless WordPress Themes ensure the coding technique will be based on the stack and the speed of development. Web development of the every software, website will be affected via low speed.  Take an example of Jamstack websites that are faster and secure with their architecture. A Headless WordPress more efficient and give greater results to all the stakeholders of the product.

Headless WordPress Themes at it Best

The Nearly Headless WordPress theme and templates based on  AlpineJS for rendering via server, which Standiford says is light to load, easy-to-understand and quick to install, and “plays exceptionally nice with rendering PHP server-side rendering.” It is loaded time similar and around HTML template tags that source post content using every WordPress’ REST API. The system uses session storage to keep things upgraded speedy and minimize the number of REST API calls.

Author: ShreyaSharma

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