Guide to Fix Netgear Router Not Connecting to Internet Issue

Netgear Router Connecting Issue

How come my Netgear WiFi router won’t connect to the internet? What might be causing my WiFi router to often drop the connection? I have performed Netgear router setup properly, why am I facing this issue? Please tell me what to do to correct the situation.” You are not alone if such questions are causing you mental anguish. In fact, over 80% of customers have this very same problem. In any case, allow us to assure you that you are now seeing the correct article. Fixes here will be permanent and will help you eliminate the problem in a couple of minutes. All right, here we go.

Why is Netgear Router Not Connecting to Internet?

If your Netgear WiFi router isn’t able to connect to the internet connection, try it might be because of one of the following reasons:

  • There’s either a problem with your WiFi router or access point, or with the mobile device, laptop, or computer you’re using.
  • Your wireless router is not set up properly with the device.
  • The Netgear router or modem has outdated software.
  • LED on the Netgear router is flashing red.
  • The network adapter reports either no connection or a very weak one.
  • Having your pop-up blocker, cache, or cookies enabled might also prevent your Netgear WiFi router from connecting to the internet.

You may be experiencing the Netgear WiFi router won’t connect to the internet issue because of any of the aforementioned causes. Now that we’ve established the nature of the problem, we can inform you of the necessary troubleshooting hacks to resolve it quickly.

[Fixed] Netgear Router Not Connecting to Internet Issue

In order to fix the “Netgear WiFi router won’t connect to internet” problem, let’s take a short look at the troubleshooting hacks:

  • The modem, router, and PC should all be in good working order.
  • Keep your Netgear WiFi router and modem away from anything that might interfere with the signal or reflect radio waves. Toaster ovens, wireless music players, telephones, aquariums, and other similar items fall within this category.
  • If your signal is weak, examine the LEDs on your router. LEDs shouldn’t be orange or amber in colour.
  • Please restart the whole network. To see whether this solves the WiFi router not connecting to the internet problem, you should try restarting the WiFi router, modem, computers, tablets, and phones.
  • Make sure the cables are properly connected. Every one of the wires must be in place precisely and fastened with a firm finger.
  • Constant electricity from the outlet is required for the router.
  • Ensure your Netgear wireless router is set up correctly.

If none of these hacks worked, then perform Netgear router firmware update right away.

Advanced Troubleshooting Tips

If your Netgear WiFi router is having difficulties connecting to the internet, have you tried all of the troubleshooting steps we listed above? It’s not like you’re completely out of luck. In terms of development, you’re still in the flowering phase. Get the problem addressed by reading through the advanced troubleshooting advice mentioned below:

  • If you’re having trouble connecting your Netgear router to the internet, trying power cycling it first.
  • Make sure you’re connecting your router to the correct SSID.

Once you are done following these hacks, connect the router to the internet and try accessing the page. If you face the my not working issue, use the default IP.

The Bottom Line

The Netgear router won’t connect to the internet issue may be resolved in this fashion. Nonetheless, if the problem persists after that, consider resetting your Netgear router to factory settings. If you have set up an R7000 router in your home, refer to the Netgear Nighthawk R7000 manual for the reset process instructions.


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