What are the various types of Cable Ties and their applications in the UK?


A cable tie is a sort of fastener used to keep objects like electrical cables and wires together. Cable ties are widely used in a variety of various applications due to their inexpensive cost, the convenience of usage, and binding strength.

The standard cable tie, which is usually made of nylon, features a flexible tape part with teeth that engage with a pawl in the head to form a ratchet, allowing the cable tie to tighten and not come undone as the free end of the tape section is pulled. Some ties have a tab that may be squeezed to release the ratchet, allowing the tie to be loosened or removed and reused. Exterior applications and hazardous locations are catered for with stainless steel versions, some of which are coated with tough plastic.

A flexible nylon tape with an integrated gear rack and a ratchet on one end within a small open casing is the most typical cable ties. The pointed tip of the cable tie cannot be pulled back once it has been dragged through the case and past the ratchet; the resulting loop can only be pulled tighter. This permits numerous cables to be bundled together and/or formed into a cable tree.

To apply a cable ties with a precise degree of tension, a cable tie tensioning apparatus or tool can be utilised. In order to eliminate a sharp edge that could cause injury, the tool may cut off the additional tail flush with the head. To avoid repetitive strain damage, light-duty tools are operated by squeezing the handle with the fingers, whereas heavy-duty tools might be powered by compressed air or a solenoid.

Various Types of Cable Ties available in the UK:

  • Push Mount Cable Ties:

These Cable Ties with an additional Push Mount Head secure cable bunches to a panel or chassis without the use of any equipment. This is simply accomplished by bypassing the anchor with a 2.3 mm thick plate and connecting the cables with the cord. The anchor’s tensioning wings enable a secure, rattle-free, and stable installation.

  • Screw Mount Cable Ties:

Screw mount cable ties are used to secure cables to a chassis or panel. Screw Mount Cable Ties allow you to secure your cable bundle to any surface, such as communication racks, walls, and ceilings. These screw-holed zip ties make permanent installation simple and straightforward.

  • Button Head Cable Ties:

The two-piece button head tie provides for simultaneous entrance and exit through the head. Two opposed pawls are recessed within a domed head, and serrations run down both sides of the strap. By directing the strap clockwise or counterclockwise before placing it into the head, this design allows for bi-directional looping.

  • Double Loop Cable Ties:

Cable ties with two loops are designed to be used as a hand restraint. They’re made of high-tensile-strength nylon and have a twin loop design for simple application. The rounded edges and smooth interior surface of the zip tie handcuffs help to prevent abrasion and skin damage.

  • Marker Cable Ties:

For labeling purposes, the cable is connected with a self-locking tab. This device may be mounted securely and is useful for identifying cable harnesses. Use a permanent marker or a self-adhesive label to mark the tie.

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Common Applications of Cable Ties in the UK:

  • Automotive Industry:

If you’re going to use cable ties beneath the hood, chemical and heat resistance should be a top focus. Cable ties should be oil, grease, and gasoline resistant, as well as able to withstand extreme temperatures.

Other cable ties for automotive uses include standard cable ties, screw or adhesive cable tie installations, and arrowhead cable ties.

  • Push mount cable ties
  • Stainless steel cable ties
  • Standard cable ties
  • Arrowhead cable ties
  • Aerospace Industry:

Because the average passenger airline has 124 miles of wire, good cable management is essential. Cable ties will be needed in a variety of ways. For tight places, miniature heat-stabilized cable ties are essential. Heavy-duty heat-stable cable ties are required for hoses and bigger cables. Push mount cable ties are also suitable for use in aeroplanes, and a heat-stabilized version is advised for thermal endurance.

  • Miniature heat-stabilized cable ties
  • Push mount cable ties, heat stabilized
  • Heavy-duty heat stabilized cable ties

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  • Consumer appliances and electronics:

You’ll need heat-resistant cable ties because you’re short on space. This holds true for consumer electronics as well. An arrowhead cable tie is a fantastic option in these situations. Simply insert it into the hole that has already been drilled. Also, consider heat-resistant cable ties. These are quite durable and come at a reasonable price. Adjustable clamps with a vinyl finish are ties that offer exceptional flexibility while ensuring a secure fit.

Buy Online Cable ties with hooks and loops are useful for bundling wires on computers temporarily.

  • Arrowhead cable ties
  • Heat stabilized cable ties
  • Vinyl-Coated Adjustable Clamp
  • Hook and loop cable ties
  • Equipment manufacturing Industry:

Components of HVAC and industrial generators sway. For indoor applications, screw mount cable ties are the ideal solution. Vibration resistance and debris protection are both provided by fir-tree cable ties.

Cable ties that can withstand the elements and a wide range of temperatures are required for outdoor applications. Cable ties that are weather-resistant function nicely. Of course, you’ll need a heat-resistant cable. Heat-stabilized cable ties are a fantastic addition to this, as they also perform well in extremely cold temperatures.

  • Screw mount cable ties
  • Fir-tree mount cable ties
  • Weather-resistant standard cable ties
  • Heat-stabilized cable ties

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