How is Diwali going to be different in 2020?


In the year 2020, nothing is usual like before, neither the birthdays, anniversaries nor the festive celebration. As we know the situation that we have trapped in due to the coronavirus, we have to accept the fact that this year, everything is going to be different. More than the quarter of the year has gone by while adapting to the situation; this brings us to the season of festivals. Well, in India, the beginning of the month of October is marked as the beginning of the festive seasons as many festivals are lined back to back, ending it with Diwali. Diwali is a huge festival here in India and is celebrated with full enthusiasm. But amidst the pandemic, we still are on the way to break down the ways how we are going to celebrate Diwali this year. 

Diwali gifts Cards

I know the celebration is what you share with your loved ones, and this time your loved ones may not be able to reunite with you on this very important occasion. But if you look at the positive side, it is going to help you save some extra on this Diwali. Just like this factor, there are many other factors that show us why Diwali is going to be different this year. You may have to send Diwali sweets online, you know, to maintain social distancing. Here are some ways how Diwali is going to be different this year and certainly worth remembering too. 

Homemade sweets

We all know what important sweets hold for us Indians. I mean sweets are a must-have on every occasion to add sweetness to the day. We even send sweets to our loved ones on this very occasion to deliver them best wishes. But this year, buying sweets will always keep you under risk of catching a virus, which is surely not what you would desire to bring back home, right? While buying sweets is not as easy this year as it used to be, it does not mean that your festival will go bland. This year, more people will turn into chefs and bake, cook, and fry their traditional sweets at home. That means, this year, your sweets are going to be extra sugary because of the extra love. 

Diy gift options

Since the virus is waiting to get you just outside your home, so rather than going around in the market, risking yourself to buy Diwali basics, as diyas, lights, and ornamental boxes, why not make it yourself? Transform this cycle into a fun and energizing DIY with your family. You can likewise gain so much from the DIY recordings posted on the web. This will spare you on colossal expenses and will likewise turn into an inventive learning experience. Draw out your imagination and make fun and peculiar enlivening things and home embellishments without anyone else. Straightforward hacks can spare you on a ton of cash. For instance, you can utilize pixie lights and enhance your home from various perspectives.

Celebration on video calls

One of the major differences that the Diwali celebration will have this year is that you may not be able to reunite with your friends and family. Many people will not be able to fly back to their homes, as they are trapped on foreign lands. Others will avoid gathering at someone’s house or visiting them because it is risky. So, we will even see a very less number of Diwali parties this year. I know not being able to be with your favorite people at this time of the year sucks. But you know, the world is going to see a new way to celebrate Diwali. That god for the technology, you can now feel the presence on the video calls. 2020 will be remembered for its virtual celebration. 

Budget-friendly celebration

I know parties and gatherings that consist only of the people you love are always great. Diwali is all about grand celebrations and being around people. But this year you may have to say no to parties and gatherings because you know, safety issues. But if you seek the positive side, you are going to have a budget-friendly celebration this year. Don’t worry, you can still send Diwali gifts online to your loved ones.

This is how Diwali is going to be different for all of us this year. These are the new normal ways we all will be celebrating this great festival. 

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