Which Material Is Best for Underwear?


When we are buying underwear, what we check first is the material used to make the underwear. This is understandable and also one of the most commonly asked inquiries shoppers ask when they are looking to buy underwear. This is obvious because the kind of material will determine if we will be comfortable using the underwear. 

If you are not concerned about the material, it’s time that you be concerned about it. It’s crucial to know what textiles make up your underwear, not only to assess if the fabric will be comfortable or reasonable but also to see if it is suitable for the activity that you will do while wearing the underwear. Continue reading below to know about the merits of materials frequently used to make underwear to determine which one is more suitable to your lifestyle. 


Cotton is the most traditional material used for mens underwear. It has long been a favorite material because of its numerous benefits such as it is affordable, easily manufactured, accessible (it is sold almost anywhere that is carrying undergarments, even at convenience stores), and breathable. 

Cotton has all these benefits but might not be a suitable choice for someone who is looking for high-quality underwear. Cotton tends to deteriorate quite rapidly and might produce uncomfortable chafing between the legs because it retains some moisture and like other undergarments that repels moisture.

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Silk might be the last material that you would associate with underwear for men. But it is starting to gain popularity because of its excellent natural moisture-wicking properties. In addition to that silk is also incredibly smooth and light, which is preferable during warmer climates. The downside to underwear made of silk is that it is a very delicate fabric, and it is challenging to clean.

This is one of the most common and durable materials for underwear. It is used in many ways for underwear, but it works best on cotton. Vaseline can also be used as an excellent lubricant.

It might not be the appropriate underwear for wash-and-wear because when it is being laundered, it needs to be handled carefully since the material is very fragile and could be ruined if not handled properly. Silk underwear is also expensive when compared to other softer fabrics. Nevertheless, it is recommended that you still have one or two pairs in your underwear drawer.


Polyester is another material that is frequently used to make underwear. Although it is made out of synthetic materials, it is considered to be durable, it offers a great deal of support, it is low maintenance, and is flexible enough to maintain its shape. The drawback is that since it is made out of synthetic materials it is not naturally breathable and is not moisture friendly. 

To make sure that you are taking advantage of the benefits of underwear made out of polyester, look for underwear that is mixed with different textiles or materials to improve breathability and moisture management, such as underwear made out of polyester cotton. This type of undergarment is excellent for those who lead an active lifestyle since the undergarment will be able to catch up with all the vigorous activities and keep you dry, cool, and fresh. Many people prefer to wear polyester-made underwear because the material is soft and comfortable, as well as durable and long-lasting. So if you are looking for more reasons to invest in polyester underwear, this is a top reason!

Choosing the ideal pair of underwear involves much more than just the fabric. It is recommended that you have a variety of undergarments in your drawer so you can be prepared for whatever occasion you need to dress up.

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