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Life at Night Club

We all like to go out to nightclubs, some of us like to go for the music, some for the explicit food, some for the drinks while others go to catch the thrill of watching the crowd groove. And when you decide to go alone, no matter your interests lie in socializing or meeting a gentleman you can spend the night with, nightclubs offer a multitude of reasons to go solo. Let’s dig in the right attitude you would want to carry to a nightclub to have a blast!

1. Forget About the Group Rule

Let’s get this clear, going out solo doesn’t make you a loner, it is a perfectly normal thing to do. The only thing that will be amiss is that you won’t be surrounded by your friends but with new people. For a fact, you’ll be amazed to see that there so many like you, having a good time all by themselves. More so, you’ll be able to make friends with new faces. Isn’t that motivation enough?

2. Lighten the Pressure

There is no need to pressurize yourself , you don’t really have to make the first move. You can get yourself a drink and just chill. Just take this solo outing as one of the things that will add to your experience. You might find someone, but it may take a while before this happens.

3. Be Choosy With The Bar

Now, let’s discuss about the location. If you’re already feeling dicey and intimidated by the thought of going alone, then you should probably chose a place that you know will fit your mood and your budget. Do not choose a place that is eons above you. In case, you’re looking forward to have crafty cocktails and women with LV totes, then you should check out for places with the most elite crowd and if you’re running on a budget, then saturday night jams will work the best for you. For a beginner, try choosing a place with a cozy vibe filled with fun and cheery people that you can instantly click with. And don’t feel sad if you end up at a place where it all feels wrong, you can always leave with an experience.

4. Set Small Goals Everytime You Go Out

Start by setting up a goal of approaching someone and talking to them. This is a small goal to start with, which will go on to build your confidence. The next time you go out to a nightclub in India, you might set a goal of talking to three new people. Don’t try to go overboard when you are riding solo as this might dissuade you if things don’t go as planned.

5. Choose Your Activity Wisely

When you decide to go solo to a bar, there is always a possibility that you feel a little out of place and decide to keep yourself occupied with something. For this time, try to keep some stuff with you that could work as a potential start. You can carry your notes and coy an intense look while you jot something in your notebook. Someone might just spring up and ask you “Hey, what are you working on?” Another great option is carry a famous novel that most of the people around you must have read, you are most likely to be interrupted by someone to describe their take on the story.

6. Chat Up The People Around You

Going to a  bar alone is not just about meeting new people. But if at some point of time you want to speak to someone and lighten up and you don’t understand where to start, all you need to do is catch hold of a nice pickup line that works well with people and doesn’t sound overbearing. Try to know the person by asking their likes and talk on topics that keep them glued to you. Don’t make your ice breaker very obvious, so it doesn’t come to feel too pick-up-y. Another breaking line is “What do you suggest, what kind of beer should I get myself?” And, its done. If they chose to reply in a friendly manner, this means that they are interested, if not then better luck next time. *Wink*

7. Throwing An Impression

The next tip on the list is to make an entry. It’s very important to act natural. The trick here is to get comfortable while you sit with a drink in your hand. For a matter of fact, you won’t be able to instantly merge with a group or have someone to talk in the minute you walk in, but you can be sure to find a company to talk to. You can break the ice with “Mind if I join you?”

8. Let Loose

Indulge yourself in some light dancing and let loose. You’re there to have fun, so don’t be self-conscious when you are out by yourself. In reality, there are so many people in the club, that no one will notice you to judge. While you dance, you will come across as a confident and approachable personality which will double your chances of finding a company who is ready to share the floor with you. Just look like you’re enjoying yourself and you’ll attract the right people!

Now get your solo spree rolling!

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