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Are you a football fan? If so you’re probably up-to-date on the current seasons of the FIFA World Cup. Additionally, you may be familiar with the most successful football-related movies ever created. However, let’s step away from our normal lives business and get into the realm of anime.

As you’ve probably guessed that there’s an anime adaptation of nearly any sport. It’s just a matter of finding the perfect storyline. No matter if you’re an fan or not certain stories will hook you to the point of becoming engrossed on the protagonists.

If you are fans of football and anime You might want to look up the list if you’ve not yet seen the entire football anime series.

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Inazuma Eleven (2008-2011)

You may believe that middle school students aren’t planning much for their future. However, Inazuma Eleven can prove you incorrect. Inazuma Eleven is the team name of the Raimon Middle School football club.

The team’s manager and goalkeeper Mamoru is struggling to aid his teammates in restoring their enthusiasm for football. Once they begin playing, all players try their best to shine.

Another challenge they face is the desire to be able to claim the title of being the most successful team in the nation. Of course they must beat at least the Football Frontier Championship first before they can accomplish their goal.

Captain Tsubasa (2018-2019)

A boy of 11 years old, Tsubasa Oozora is aspires of representing Japan during the World Cup. As a child he is able to play football , with the support by his family. They relocate to Nankatsu city, where Tsubasa is enrolled for the final year of elementary school and is an active member of the football team.

Then, he gets to know an experienced Brazilian footballer Roberto Hongo who becomes his guide. While Tsubasa endures an array of intense training sessions that helps him prepare for more demanding games to come in the near future.

If you look closely, the team’s uniform is simple that can be compared to old football shirts from the previous season. If you’ve been a fan of football from the time you were a kid, you’ll be able to relate to this show.

Whistle! (2002-2003)

There aren’t all people born with the perfect ability in certain areas. Some may have to work hard to reach their goal to reach the top. This is exactly what Shou Kazamatsuri had to do to reach his goals.

While he’s not great initially, he’s got the desire to be one of the best footballers around the globe. However, he isn’t able to achieve his goals as a third-stringer and so he decides to transfer to a different school. It was a blessing that he was accepted to a school that had the highest-rated football team.

Then, he works tirelessly to practice and enhance his skills , which helps him move an inch closer to fulfilling his goal.

Clean Freak! Aoyama-kun (2017)

Are you still playing football or other Write for us Sports even if you suffer from mysophobia (or fear of dirt)? It’s a scary thing to have to face every day you go about your day, wouldn’t you think? However, for Aoyama to get all the dirt that football leaves is well worth the effort.

Aoyama is an aspiring high school student who is admired for his ability to excel at a variety of things. However, he’s also a tidy person and this makes it difficult for him to be social and participate in school activities. However, his desire to get their squad to the very top reduces the challenges they’re faced with.

Days (2016)

A few nights ago two high schoolers Jin Kazama as well as Tsukushi Tsukamoto were caught in a soccer match against bullies. However, Tsukushi doesn’t know how to play football. However, even though he’s not quite the same as his friend, Jin, he becomes more interested in the game.

In the following days, he attempts to improve his football skills , and then decides to work hard in order to become an integral part of Seiseki High School football team.

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Giant Killing (2010)

Since the start of the season, East Tokyo United (ETU) has struggled for many years to ensure they don’t get relegated. As you might know that relegation is not an ideal outcome.

Therefore, they alter their approach and attempt to win games. The team also recruits a new coach Takeshi Tatsumi, who is a former professional footballer with a history as a coach for the English team. The future of ETU will soon changewith the help of the new coach.

7. The Knight in the Area (2012)

As compared to other anime about football shows, Area no Kishi or The Knight in the Area has a unique twist. The two brothers, Suguru Aizawa, and Kakeru Aizawa are both interested in football. But, Kakeru was forced to end his due to personal reasons. He was able to apply for a managerial job instead.

The situation is good until one day the two brothers were struck by the truck. However, Suguru dies, and his heart goes to Kakeru. To fulfill Suguru’s dream becoming a professional footballer, Kakeru continues to play football.


You’re not sure which anime series you want to watch first? You can also check out their trailers online to get more information. Don’t forget to tell us which football-related anime you like best by leaving your comment below!

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