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Plants add instant lush beauty to the home, but they are just not easy to take care of. There are so many rules to consider and every plant seems to require something a little different. Some plants soak up direct sunlight. They just can never get enough. Other plants are delicate, their tender fronds can’t take the full force of the sun’s rays and instead they thrive in diffused light. Still other plants need a thorough watering every week or so, while some plants get soggy, sodden and droopy if they are watered too frequently. Then there is the fertilizer. How do you know when it is needed, and what to use, and just how much is too much? What about repotting? That just makes things even more confusing. There are plants that like to be pot bound and then there are other plants that need their container to grow with them, and that means they will need repotting somewhat frequently. That is just so much plant maintenance, and you really don’t want to have to think about that. You just want your condo or house to be filled with plants, but it is so difficult to get that foliage to thrive that you are just about ready to give up on plants altogether.

Yes, even though you love plants, they remain, for you, a mystery. You have tried to figure out what they need and somehow you just could not; you even tried out the so-called ‘easy to care for’ plants and still they shrivel, droop, and stay unhappy. Plants are just so secretive, so silent. You just don’t know what they want or what they need, and they can’t tell you. Well, what if we told you that there was a place that spoke the secret language of plants and they knew exactly how to make your plants thrive?

Well, there is such a place and that place is Plantscapes USA. We can take care of your interior plantscaping in Philadelphia. That is because we know exactly what your plants are trying to say and we will get them looking healthy and beautiful. We will arrange them just the way they are asking and we will find the perfect spot for them to have just the type of light they need.

Even if you do not have any plants in your home yet, but just really want some, we can help. Plantscapes USA offers free horticulture consultations. We will visit your home to decide which plants would work best in your environment, then we will provide those plants and the containers they need, and then we take care of the maintenance. That’s correct. The best thing about Plantscapes USA is that we do the best interior plantscaping in Philadelphia.

We will come back weekly or monthly to take care of your plants. We will feed, water, and fertilize your plants so that you don’t have to. What’s more, we will clean the containers, add moss to the soil to keep it looking great and repot the plants when needed. We take care of everything so you do not have to worry about your plants. You can just admire how beautiful our plant displays look in your window, in your bedroom, or kitchen. That is why you need Plantscapes USA for interior plantscaping Philadelphia for your home or business. So come visit us at or contact us at 610-329-3935 to see how we can help you. We just can’t wait to fill your home with the most beautiful plants around.

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