Important Tips for Buying Best Granite Countertops


Buying granite countertops is an important purchase, so you need to be careful and be sure you choose such a product that is beautiful, long-lasting, as well as affordable. Today, our posy is going to provide you with some essential tips that will be helpful for you when you decide to buy granite. 

  1. Avoid using an under-mount sink and this will help you reduce a lot of costs. In general, the manufacturer offers such a granite countertop that has been cut so that the sink you are going to use will suit the countertop. For an under-mount sink, more cutting is needed than In case of drop-in sinks. So it can be said that the slab gets more expensive. Try to purchase the sink before getting the countertop. 
  2. Try to buy as thick as possible. In fact, those countertops available in ¾ inches are delicate enough so they need laminate edges. As a result, they are cheap and you will feel disappointed as durability will not be as you imagined. We advise you to get 1-inch countertops. Though you will pay a bit more for this product, the excellent quality is really worth that price. 
  3. Find hairline chips. Believe it or not, natural cracks add a lot of beauty to the stone. However, very often these cracks can possibly make the stone get damaged. This will occur in case your countertop has a thickness of less than 1 inch. So before buying the stone, we advise you to ask the manufacturer some basic questions like how those imperfections will affect and whether they can cause any harm or not in the future. 
  4. You should get a tailored edge design so that it will suit your cabinet. Note that not all manufacturers offer you custom solutions, but those fabricators who offer this option will certainly deliver a beautiful countertop that can be an ideal option for your house. However, if you are ok with the standard option then choose bevel edges as they are quite popular. 
  5. We suggest choosing seamless granite countertops. In fact, their price is higher, but they look more beautiful than seams. Note that seams change their look over time becoming worse. At first, when you install your countertop it will certainly look stunning but you will face issues afterwards. As a result, you will have to buy a new one to make your home look comfortable and beautiful. 
  6. You can also look for some recommendations to make the right choice. Probably you have many friends who have already changed their countertops. So ask them who their manufacturer is and what kind of experience your friends had with that supplier. These people will certainly share various details with you and give suitable advice. Ask them whether their supplier provided on time services and budget-friendly solutions. This will help you narrow down your choices and you will be able to choose the right supplier as well as the best granite countertop. 
  7. Never hesitate to discuss your project with suppliers. We suggest you scheduling an appointment with your contractors and ask them to come and see the area. See their previous projects to become sure they will give you the best value for your investment. During the discussion, don’t forget to ask your contractor estimate the price so you will know how much your project will cost at the end. Also, do not forget to ask when they can begin the project and when they are likely to complete it.
  8. Ask for a custom quote for you: In general, granite suppliers offer free quotes as per the client’s needs. We advise you to reach out to those suppliers and discuss your project with them. Ask them various questions and let them know you are going to educate yourself further so you will be able to select the most suitable granite slabs. We also recommend you comparing prices offered by various companies so that you will be able to choose the golden mean as well as the one that meets your budget. 

Let’s Understand Your Project and Help You

We believe you are making a huge investment, so you need to be careful enough when choosing granite slabs. Universal Granite & Marble is a top Granite Depot Milwaukee and this is one of the best companies that offer quality granite slabs for you at prices you can afford. It goes without saying that granite is tough and long-lasting stone. Besides, UGM stocks as many colors as possible.

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People from every part of the world use granite a sit is a great option in the market and can be a wonderful purchase for using as a kitchen countertop as well as backsplash. As a quite famous stone, granite brings a number of benefits and stands out in the market. Compared to other options available, granite countertops are considered to be the hottest products and their popularity increases day by day.

Buying granite Slabs Online

We suggest buying granite slabs from this Granite Depot Milwaukee, install these slabs and enjoy the highest quality ever. Just be sure you have your granite slabs installed properly in order to enjoy their durability. With Granite Depot Milwaukee, you will always enjoy a great value for your investment. Granite countertops offered by Granite Depot Milwaukee can withstand cracking, chipping, and scratching perfectly as they are hard enough and never leave any use disappointed. 

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Universal Granite & Marble is also a top Granite Depot St. Louis. UGM has locations in Chicago IL, Detroit MI, Cleveland OH, Milwaukee WI, St. Louis MO, and Omaha, NE, so that is why it is also called Granite Depot St. Louis. Now, this depot features a 500 square feet of stone gallery and showroom space so customers can visit and make their choice. UGM prides itself on offering top-notch quality granite from different counties like Turkey, China, Spain, Italy, Canada and more. Simply have a discussion with Granite Depot St. Louis and you will be thrilled every time you look at your dream countertops. 

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