3 Versatile Interior Design Tips for Any Apartment


If there is a way to define the interior design trends, we see more currently, it’s anything goes. For many, interior design is an extremely unnerving process. Knowing where to start, leave alone picking something exceptional or just a theme for an apartment, is something most people leave to professionals. Here we have simplified interior home design for you to make your apartment look amazing. 

When doing interior design for your apartment, it doesn’t necessarily mean changing everything from scratch. Some small adjustments here and there that do not need much effort can yield tremendous results. Whether you are a continuing apartment tenant who wants to make your place feel like a polished home or a first-time occupant, you’re in the right place. This article will take you through three versatile interior design tips for any apartment.

  • Light Up Your Apartment

Lighting is one significant part of interior design. Any apartment can be tremendously upgraded simply by altering the way it gets its light. The best way is to let your apartment have enough natural light; if not, add white lighting as you possibly can. For example, when doing living room interior design, let the windows deliver all the light inside. You will feel that your entire living room feels a lot fresher and more comfortable. Natural light often makes a space look bigger than it is. Besides allowing natural light into the room, windows provide ventilation for clean and fresh air.

For your bedroom, open up the curtains wide to allow in more natural light into the room. What if you do not have enough windows? This should not worry you since you can play around with lights. You can combine floor lights, wall sconces, ceiling board lights, chandeliers, and table lamps to give your apartment proper lighting. Preferably you should have a layered kind of lighting that illuminates all parts of the room to create a balanced and pleasing atmosphere. It can be a blend of task, accent and ambient lighting.

  • Shade Color on It 

It’s no doubt that adding paint to walls will refresh any room. Color is critical to any design idea since it has an impact on moods and will determine how your apartment looks and feels. Bright colors like white make rooms appear bigger than they actually are, thus are suitable for the living room. Blue, for instance, is considered a calm color, thus suitable for bedrooms.

How about your kitchen? Kitchens are well known as the heart of the home, a meeting place and center of daily family activities. For kitchen walls, consider almost bright colors like pale aqua, olive or mint green, combined with a white ceiling board. This makes it look not only neat but also substantial. When picking colors ensure you select those that do not react with home care products during cleaning.

  • Go Natural with Plants

Who doesn’t like the beauty of nature? Naturally, having a live plant at a corner in your apartment will make you feel connected to the outside world. Besides making the apartment look attractive, natural plants also help in cleaning the air. A vase of flowers on your dinner table or bedside drawer will inspire and raise your spirits.

If you choose to use big plants for decoration, you should place them in the room’s corners. On the other hand, small plants can be positioned on tables or in between interior design furniture available in the living room. Another method of decorating with plants is by use of hanging planters on the wall.  

Like you pick bright colors for your living room and warmer colors for your bedroom, your entire apartment can be upgraded by simply adding the correct type of plants. There is no bound set of rules for indoor plant decoration in any room. It’s all about creativity.  Creativity and design have no limits nor boundaries.

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