Dark Chocolate & White Chocolate Waxing: Which one is best?



Today the topmost priority of each of us is to look presentable, and for this, it is very important to groom ourselves. WE all know that one of the most important parts of grooming is waxing.

It makes us look clean and perfectly presentable. And, there is no doubt in the fact that we need to go for the best salon that provides the best waxing service, there are multiple types of waxing available in the market, and each one has its benefits. And, if you are worried about getting the best salon, you don’t have to go anywhere else because the online salon booking app Zoylee has made it extremely easy to look for nearby salons and allows you to book an appointment easily by sitting in the comfort of your home. You no longer have to go down to the place to fix an appointment. Zoylee can assist you in doing the same in just a few clicks.

What is dark chocolate waxing?

We all are aware of the old sugar waxing method, but that is obviously in the past. Now, there are other multiple options you have when it comes to getting rid of the hair present on your skin. But, yes, if you are thinking about chocolates, then you are right. So, let’s talk about what dark chocolate waxing is.

Benefits of Chocolate Waxing

* Nourishing

* Suitable for all skin types

* Essential oils (added or naturally from the olive and soya bean oil)

* Smells delicious

* Less painful than normal wax

* Helps lighten tanned skin

Dark chocolate wax is very healthy for your skin and comprises all the natural ingredients like cocoa, almond oil, soybean oil, glycerine, and vitamins. The Dark Chocolate wax is said to be one of the best waxing schemes that help remove the suntan. You will feel less pain while waxing from dark chocolate wax when compared with the others. It will not cause any rashes, redness, or any other form of reaction.

What is White Chocolate Waxing?

So many things have been introduced in the market in today’s time. Multiple techniques have been invented for executing proper grooming, but who knew that a simple ingredient like white chocolate could make it so easy to get nourished and healthy skin after waxing. This white chocolate wax is like a blessing for all of us.

Chocolate wax is a boon for women as it has many added advantages over normal wax. White chocolate wax is also known as liposoluble wax, which has gained a lot of popularity in today’s time and is easily available in most salons. It is made up of complete pure substances like beeswax, vegetable oil, and glyceryl resinate. These ingredients do not cause any allergy. The best part about white chocolate wax is that you don’t have to preheat it before applying, making it comparatively safer than the other waxes. In addition, this wax comes with pre and post-wax oils, which take complete care of your skin all along the procedure.

Benefits of Dark Chocolate Wax

There are numerous benefits that you will get after opting for dark chocolate wax:

  1. The smell of the wax is delicious, which already relaxes and calms your mind before the waxing begins, and then after waxing, it makes your hands and legs smell delicious, just like itself.
  2. It is most popularly known for reducing skin tans. If you face skin tans and want to get rid of them, then dark chocolate wax is the best option for you.
  3. The Dark chocolate wax is mixed with the goodness of oils, making your skin healthy and making it look beautiful.
  4. If you have dry skin, then dark chocolate wax thoroughly nourishes your skin and keeps it moisturized for hours.
  5. It plays a major role in making your skin glow. Once you get your dark chocolate waxing done, it will provide your skin with a beautiful glow.
  6. Another best part about this wax is that it is completely suitable for all types of skin.

Benefits of White Chocolate Wax

You will receive multiple benefits after choosing the option of white chocolate wax. Let’s know about the advantages that you will receive with white chocolate wax:

  1. The White Chocolate wax is designed with a non-sticky formula which makes it very beautiful and unique.
  2. The best point of this wax is that it deeply nourishes your skin. No, not just the above layer but also the inner layers of your skin so that your skin is properly nourished and moisturized and stays the same for a longer period.
  3. The white chocolate wax also helps you in getting rid of fast hair growth. Instead, you will face slow and steady hair growth and can enjoy smooth skin for a long duration.
  4. You do not have to pre-heat this waxy. All you have to do is directly apply it after putting in the pre-oil. This makes it very safe.


How to book Waxing services through Zoylee

In today’s modern times, everything has become a hundred times easier with the assistance of technology. The best part is that now you can book appointments easily from the comfort of your home. If you wish to take any salon service like waxing services, you can easily look for the best salons and book its services without getting down to the place with the help of an online salon booking app Zoylee. The most important part about this is that you can easily book your appointments on its website and its application. Here are the steps that you need to follow for booking a waxing service through Zoylee:

Step 1- Visit the website or the application, whichever you want to book an online salon appointment.

Step 2- On the website or the app, look for the salon of your choice, look for the best wax services and the best packages.

Step 3- After selecting the salon, choose the dark chocolate wax or white chocolate wax package for any package that you want to take.

Step 4- After choosing the services, select the time slot for your appointment. And you have got yourself an online salon wax appointment booked from Zoylee.

Bottom line

Waxing is a major part of our grooming session, so we should know all the waxes present in the market and go for the one that has more benefits and suits our skin. With Zoylee, it has become easier to check the services and book the waxing services according to our convenience. 

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