Affordable IVF cost in Jaipur for Infertile Couples

Infertility has been a cause of a lot of stress and anxiety among young couples, as this issue has been a rising issue over the country. A lot of couples of every age have been dealing with infertility for a long, and have tried every possible way to cure this issue but are unable to do so.  Sometimes, this issue has led to the extent of separation or divorce.  IVF treatment is a promising solution to cure all your infertility issues with affordable IVF cost in Jaipur and is highly suggested by Dr. Namita Kotia the founder and head of Aastha Infertility center, Jaipur.

She also tells us that a lot of things can cause infertility among the couple which may be medical or lifestyle issues.  Smoking, drinking excess alcohol, having poor nutrition are a few to name.  Past medical issues such as past surgeries, infections, hormonal imbalances can lead to infertility issues.   A lot of small changes in your daily routine, such as adopting a healthy lifestyle can lead to a lot of positive changes in your all fertility-related issues.  For getting the best IVF treatment in Jaipur, with a high IVF success rate and an IVF treatment that is affordable and under budget, one can try the Aastha fertility center which is also called the best IVF center of Jaipur. 

What exactly is the IVF procedure?

In IVF procedure an artificial environment is created, in which the egg is fertilized with the sperm outside the woman’s body in a laboratory.  The eggs used in the procedure totally depend on the age and the egg quality of the patient. For a middle-aged woman or a woman around 40 years, it’s generally advised by a doctor to take the help of donor eggs. The egg which is fertilized under artificial conditions is kept under observation for a few weeks or days, when it starts dividing itself well it is then transferred back to the woman’s womb or to the womb of the surrogates. Successful conception or pregnancy only occurs under one situation i.e. if the embryo or the fertilized egg attaches itself well to the inner lining of the uterus. The confirmation of the successful pregnancy is given by a blood test which is generally done after a week of the procedure.

Why choose IVF over any other procedure?

a) The major advantage of IVF treatment in Jaipur is that it is not age-restricted and can be used by the patient at any age. It is a successful procedure when all the other procedures fail to work and can be used multiple times until a woman is successful to conceive.

b) The process of In Vitro Fertilisation is simple, highly effective, and extremely affordable. The cost of IVF in India lies approximately around 80,000INR for the first cycle.

c) The fertilized eggs can be transferred back to the womb of the surrogate if the patient herself is not ready due to various reasons. 

d) The process is highly effective and it increases the chances of successful pregnancy and healthy delivery.

e) One can take the help of donor eggs or donor sperm if the couple doesn’t have good quality eggs or sperm.

f) The IVF process can be used at any point in time and is not restricted to any age and time. The IVF treatment is quite affordable, the average IVF cost in  Jaipur, Rajasthan is around 80,000- 1,30,000 INR.

Factors that determine the cost of IVF-

a) The primary factor is the age of the patient and how many cycles of treatment would be required by the patient to successfully conceive.

b) Does the couple require the help of donor eggs or sperm, as this might increase the cost of IVF treatment in Jaipur.

c) If the couple needs a frozen donor embryo directly.

d) The rate of T.E.S.A (Testicular sperm aspiration) and the rate of ICSI intracytoplasmic sperm injection, if a patient requires any of the above.

e) And lastly the cost of freezing the embryos.

Above are some of the common factors on which the cost of IVF determines in India. Tough, the cost of the IVF procedure may vary from city to city and hospital to hospital. The cost of IVF is affordable in India than in other countries. The average cost of IVF procedure lies approximately around 80,000 INR – 1,30,000 INR in our country. Aastha fertility center, Jaipur provides one with an extremely affordable and effective IVF procedure for treating infertility and gifting them with parenthood. 

Why choose Aastha Fertility center For IVF Treatment?

The only hospital in Jaipur, which has a high success rate in delivering successful results and is extremely affordable is Aastha Fertility Center. The hospital has been working since 2005, and since then they have been working extremely hard to bring you desired results.  The hospital specializes in IVF treatments to cure all infertility issues; the process is indeed simple and more effective than other treatments for fertility. Aastha fertility center provides one with different packages for the treatment. The cost of IVF is around 80,000 INR for the first cycle of the treatment. 

“Nilofur, a patient of Aastha Infertility care from Jodhpur is extremely grateful to Dr. Namita Kotia and her team for helping her successfully conceive and blessing her with a baby.”

The hospital has been awarded by a lot of prominent personalities on various occasions and conferences.  The hospital has been the first choice of a lot of patients for their infertility issues, as they provide their patients with an extremely giving, nurturing, and caring environment.  One can book an online appointment for discussing their issues related to infertility. To know more about the services and the different packages the center provides, you can check it out on and book your appointment with the city’s best IVF center.