10 ways to Create A strong Intimate Relationship

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Everyone is looking forward to a strong intimate relationship. However, most people are not aware that an intimate and healthy relationship is not earned but requires constant cultivation. The following are 10 ways to create a strong intimate relationship easily.

  1. Open Communication– Communication is important to every relationship because it is a medium in which couples or partners can exchange their intimacy. Open communication allows partners to act freely and utter the deepest love language. Every partner should be able to share likes and dislikes openly to promote intimacy.
  2. Have Sex Regularly– Without sex, there would be no intimacy. Sex should be mandatory in every intimate relationship for recreation, enjoyment and procreation. Always ensure that you offer the best sex to your partner. Sex makes partners to forgive each other of past mistakes. Do you remember the last time you had sex when angry? It is always hurting.

  3. Exercise Together– Seeking for fitness together with your partner promotes unity when looking forward to similar goals. Exercising together is fun and makes you look forward to the next round. It also helps to ensure that you do not skip the exercise routine simply because your partner is your workout friend.
  4. Switch Roles When Possible– This is a great way for promoting an intimate relationship. When the male is in the kitchen and the female washing the car, that day will definitely end up with great intimacy. Switching roles is fun and helps partners to understand the challenges faced by each other.
  5. Set Time To Solve Differences– If you are mad at your partner, look for time to sort out issues. You can’t be happy throughout, but it does not justify why you should be mad for the whole year. Setting time to listen to each other faults and even screaming once is very healthy but results in happiness.
  6. Accept Physical Change– There would be no intimacy if you have not accepted your partner’s physical change. Accidents occur and sometimes results in adversity. Accept your partner and confirm to him/her that your love is still rest assured.

  7. Admit Your Mistakes– Do not defend your wrongs. Mistakes are unavoidable but admitting that you went wrong once is forgiven. This promotes trust which is the building block for intimacy that will never cease. Ask for forgiveness and plan to be more careful next time.
  8. Sleep Light – Do not dress like you are going to face the snow man at the peak of winter when going to bed. Dress lightly to promote sensual activities at bedtime.
  9. Share Affection Regularly– Remember to show your affection to your partner. This will help to increase intimacy levels. If she is smart and sexy, tell her. This may earn you something extra.
  10. Do Not Keep Secrets– Secrets kill when exposed. Secrets destroy communication and trust. If you are open and always say the truth, your soul would be free. The bad thing with secrets is that you always have to remember for fear of contradiction.

Apply the above 10 ways to create strong intimate relationship and your relationship will start to grow to your desired intimacy level. Always go first

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