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There are just two decisions with regards to picking an e fluid base: VG and PG. At the point when vapor clients need the best and most common VG e fluid, they swing to Velvet Cloud since they realize Velvet Cloud delivers just VG-based e fluids.

What’s the Difference?

There’s a major contrast between VG (Vegetable Glycerin) and PG (Propylene Glycol). Both are considered “natural” side-effects, be that as it may, Vegetable Glycerin is extricated from vegetables and Propylene Glycol is gotten from oil based commodities. In spite of its quality in the “natural” class, PG isn’t favored by most veggie lovers and vegetarians. VG likewise creates more cloud thickness and is gentler on the throat than PG. There are less unfavorably susceptible responses to VG and it has a more noteworthy thickness than PG.

The Secret is in the Recipe

From the earliest starting point, Velvet Cloud has created just VG-based e fluids. Numerous organizations make PG-based items and considerably more blend their VG and PG amounts yet Velvet Cloud has not changed from the very first moment. What makes Velvet Cloud the best source to Buy High Vg E Liquid is the consideration with which each flavor recipe is produced. With a full-time gourmet specialist on board to help make the flavors, Velvet Cloud has possessed the capacity to create the best-tasting e fluids available.


Take a Tour of Tastes

Flavor, flavor, and more flavor! That is the thing that Velvet Cloud is about. Investigate the assortment of flavors advertised:

• Night Shift – Mmmmm, Coffee and Chocolate Glazed Donut

• Vanilla Custard – Yep, Vanilla Custard

• Strawb-Gwab – Fresh Strawberry and Guava

• Harvest Berry – Faves, Strawberry, Blueberry, Raspberry

• Catherine the Grape – Just right Grape

• Nutty Cookie – Delish Macadamia Nut, Hazelnut, White Chocolate, Sugar Cookie

• Melonomenom – Tongue fulfilling Honeydew, Peach, and Cucumber

• Burley Beard – Rich Tobacco enhance

• Pandamonium – Light Citrus Pineapple with a bit of Gummy flavor

• White Beard – Mild Tobacco with Butterscotch and Custard

• Campfire – What else however Chocolate, Graham Cracker and Marshmallow

• Mt. Shasta Frost – Clean Peppermint, Spearmint, and plain old Mint as well

• Mewlew’s Magic – Oh infant Chocolate, Fudge and Butterscotch

• Peach Tea – As promoted Sweet Peaches and Black Tea

• Frosted Gingerbread – Simple Frosting and Gingerbread Cookie

• Blue Beard – Soothing Mild Tobacco with Blueberry and Blackberry

• Unflavored – Mildly Sweet and the ideal base for your own flavor or independent from anyone else

Essentially the Best High VG E Liquid

It is at times hard to make sense of who makes what and how they make it. Numerous organizations utilize a mix of VG and PG in the creation of their e fluid flavors. Not Velvet Cloud; they began with 100% VG e fluids and they’ve remained consistent with their motivation. As far back as beginning in San Francisco in 2011 and since the organization’s base camp are in Portland, Oregon, there has been just a single mantra – VG with flavor, VG with flavor, VG with flavor.

More Than the Taste

Being an online merchant of VG-based, normally created vapor juice is a certain something, however having the capacity to offer the best items is just the start. Velvet Cloud recognizes what vapor clients need and that is a decent arrangement. Costs at Velvet Cloud let their clients purchase high VG e fluid with probably the best arrangements on the web. Go to and you’ll discover incredible arrangements as well all in all universe devoted to the experience of vaping. The blog articles help the vaping network comprehend and work their vaping gear effectively and the web journals are exceptionally useful for fledglings just as experienced vape clients.

This Isn’t Kid Stuff

Advanced flavor mixes utilizing just VG-based fixings are for the individuals who look for something other than the common vaping background. The flavor blends arranged by Velvet Cloud not just fulfill the individuals who wish to purchase high VG e fluid items without counterfeit flavor, fake sugars, and Non-GMO fixings yet they additionally help the individuals who are changing from nicotine to non-nicotine items.

So visit them on the web, today, and request the flavors you’ll cherish for eternity.

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