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Whether you want to hear about ghosts in Saigon or the ghosts of Con Dao Prison, you can find what you’re looking for right here. These are the best online haunting news in Vietnam.

Buildings in Saigon

Despite modernization, Vietnam remains a place where ghost stories and time-honored superstitions abound. These tales are told by the locals and even scientists.

In Saigon, there are a number of buildings that attract a lot of attention. These buildings are said to be haunted. In fact, the UK travel guidebook Rough Guide has published a list of the 27 most haunted places in the world.

One of the most famous is Saigon One.trò chơi săn mồi It was once the third tallest building in Saigon. However, it has been abandoned for years. The unfinished structure obstructs the view of the city to the south. The building is not all doom and gloom though, and the shroud of darkness may be in keeping with the city’s edgy image.

Another structure that has been rumored to be haunted is the 300 Kim Ma building. It was once a cemetery, but after the Vietnam War, it was a construction site. The building was used as a tomb, burying a number of Chinese skeletons. The building is now under Vietnamese government control.

French buildings in Da Lat

Among the French buildings in Da Lat are those which were built during the colonial era. Some of these buildings are still in good condition. Some are being restored while others are only used for tourists’ attraction. There is a special program, called the Dalat Architecture Tour, to explore these special architectures.

One of the buildings in Da Lat is the Notre Dame Cathedral. It has a beautiful tower which stands 54m tall. The building is a blend of western and oriental architecture styles. The facade of the building is decorated with small arched windows and has a cross on top. Its roof is covered with tiles.

Another building in Da Lat is the Dalat Palace. It was constructed in 1916. The palace is famous for its beauty during the day and night.

Ghosts in Con Dao Prison

During the Vietnam War, Con Dao Prison was one of the most notorious prisons in Vietnam. Here, thousands of political prisoners were held and executed. After the war, the prison complex was turned into a historical site. However, the horrors that took place here continue to haunt the minds of many.

Con Dao Prison was known for its cruel torture methods. Here, prisoners were held in tiger cages and forced to lie on damp cement floor. They were also buried alive.

One of the most famous stories about cosmological Con Dao is about Phi Yen. She was a concubine of Emperor Nguyen Anh. After Nguyen Anh died, Phi Yen was left on the Con Dao Islands. Nguyen Anh was furious when she discovered that Phi Yen refused to send her son to the French Colony.

Ghosts in Saigon’s old town

Located in Ho Chi Minh City’s most tourist-driven district, Saigon’s old town is a living reminder of the past. It has been described as “The Land of Ghosts.”

During the Vietnam War, a lot of soldiers were not buried in their home communities, and many of these soldiers have never returned home. This has led to millions of angry, wandering ghosts. The spirits of these soldiers roam the streets.

These ghosts are often associated with sad and unhappy suicides. They can be friendly, or hostile, depending on the circumstances.

Ghosts in Vietnam are believed to be the wandering souls of people who have died unnaturally or prematurely. They are said to roam the country in search of new bodies to inhabit. Usually, they can be found in spirit houses, which are dollhouse-sized shrines placed outside homes. Usually, they are filled with offerings and incense.

Ghosts in Hanoi

During the First Indochina War, African soldiers left trò chơi săn mồi their native Africa to fight for the French. These ‘Senegalese’ soldiers are often regarded as ghosts by their Vietnamese counterparts, as they died far from their home countries.

These ghosts of the former soldiers are believed to roam the streets of Hanoi. Aside from the obvious, they are also considered as important cosmological entities. Their presence may serve as a reminder to urban dwellers about their moral responsibilities.

Ghosts in Hanoi also help to illustrate the violent conflicts of the past. Their presence is also a factor in the market value of land.

According to Vietnamese folklore, a person who does a good deed can be reincarnated into a saint. However, this practice is not officially recognized, so most Vietnamese do not take it seriously.

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