7 Best CA Intermediate Preparation Tips from Experts


Are you also nervous and can’t figure out how to prepare for CA Intermediate? Don’t worry, here are the best tips recommended by the top faculties. These CA Inter Preparation Tips will help you avoid mistakes that most students make while preparing for CA Intermediate exams. From the start of the CA Intermediate study period, see how you can efficiently use this time in this article.

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All the CA toppers also confirm that they have strictly followed these tips during their study period, which is why they were able to score so well in exams. You should also implement these tips to get amazing CA Intermediate Results.

7 Best CA Intermediate Preparation Tips

1. Select the Groups

Decide if you want to appear in both the groups or a single group in one attempt. If you decide on a single group, then take your pick. Whatever you choose initially should be your final decision. Don’t stray from the decision and focus on giving your selected group’s exams. Don’t get confused by what others are suggesting to you, be clear from the start.

2. Study Plan

One of the most important CA Intermediate Preparation Tips is—’make a study plan for yourself.’ Divide the syllabus and subjects for each day. Don’t plan to study many subjects in a single day. Your study plan should be designed in a manner so that you get time for rest. When you are making the plan, keep sufficient time for multiple revisions. 

3. Understand and Learn

When you are reading any topic of the CA Intermediate Syllabus, try to grab its meaning and logic. Don’t think the topic is difficult, and for the sake of writing answers in exams, you can mug up the text in the study material. This won’t take you anywhere in the long run. You won’t even remember it until the exam or have difficulty when higher-level questions come on the same topic in CA Final.

4. ICAI Study Material

While going through CA Intermediate Preparation Tips, you must have read about the importance of ICAI material which is true. You should not use short notes available in the market for studies. It won’t give you enough material to learn and write in exams. So while preparing for the CA Inter exams, you need to ensure that you use the ICAI study material on priority.

5. Self-Study 

When you are preparing for such a big exam like CA Intermediate, relying only on what you have studied at CA Coaching is not enough. Your coaching faculties will assign you questions for practice, which you must do. Solving practice questions by self and reading through the study material by self is equally important. Even better if you can make your concept notes. So self-study is very important. 

6. Revisions

If you are going to give CA Intermediate Exams, revisions are a must. The syllabus is very vast, and with the study period of eight months, you are bound to forget some of the concepts you studied in the beginning. The multiple revisions will help you recall and memorize all the concepts and content you have already studied. If you give your exams without revising, you will find yourself blank while answering most of the questions. 

CA Intermediate Preparation Tips for revisions: 

  • You should not start learning new topics.
  • You need to do three to five revisions before the exams.

7. Solve Papers

Solving CA Inter Practice Papers will help you in the exam preparation. The writing practice will help you understand the time management of 3 hours 15 minutes given during exams. You can improve your speed, find areas where you make silly mistakes, and increase your chances of high marks. Don’t worry about which papers to practice; use the latest ICAI mock test papers and RTP relevant for your attempt. Then solve the previous few attempts’ papers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What to do before starting CA Intermediate Preparation?

Ans. Collect study material and make a study plan. 


Q2. Are three months enough for Intermediate level preparation?

Ans. Three months are sufficient only for revisions. You cannot start studies for both CA Intermediate groups three months before the exams. 


Q3. How many times should I revise the CA Inter syllabus?

Ans. If you are giving both groups exams, revise the syllabus three times; if you are giving the exams for a single group, revise the syllabus five times. 


Q4. How should I prepare for the CA Intermediate Tax subject?

Ans. CA Intermediate Preparation Tips for Taxation: start with Direct Taxes and then move to Indirect taxes (practice manual). Also, focus on small topics of Taxation.


Q5. For how many hours should a CA Inter student study?

Ans. There are no fixed minimum hours, though CA Inter students are suggested to give 9-12 hours a day to cover the complete preparation required for CA Inter. 


Q6. Is ICAI study material enough, or do I need other material?

Ans. ICAI modules and practice manuals are sufficient in some papers, but for a few papers, you can use the reference books. 


Q7. How do you get a rank in CA Intermediate?

Ans. Follow the CA Intermediate Preparation Tips given above and join the best CA Coaching Institute for guidance.


Q8. How to prepare for CA Intermediate in both groups?

Ans. If you are giving both groups in a single attempt, then you will have more to study in less time. Be confident that you can clear both the groups and achieve your daily study targets. Practice more and stick to selected study material. 


Now you know the right way to prepare your strategy for studies. You have to make your action plan for CA Inter Exam Preparation and implement it. While most students make the plan, only a few can implement it for its full term. You won’t have any problems initially, but meeting the targets and strictly following them throughout your study period will be challenging. So the biggest CA Intermediate Preparation tip for you will be to stay motivated and focussed on your goal. Don’t let negativity hinder you from putting in your best efforts.

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