Three Things to Consider in Pool Pump Supplies and Upkeep

When making the final decision to install a pool, you go over the cost of the unit, installation, and upkeep. Chlorine, filters, water testing kits are all ready to go, but what about the heart of that sparkling water? Pool pumps circulate and clean the water, so you’re not floating in a bath of hair and lint. But how does it work and what Pool Pump Supplies do you need?

The Pool Pump and Water Circulation

Pool pumps utilize a schedule, so you’ll not be running it 24/7. However, it’s important to note that without the pool pump, water would grow stale, dank, and fill with debris. So, when do you need to run your pump, what do you need to consider when choosing the schedule, and what pool pump supplies do you need?

#1 Chlorine Levels – The sun leeches chlorine from pool water, so ideally you’d run your pool pump during the day as it’s needed to circulate the chlorine you add throughout the pool. The standard schedule is between 7:00 A.M. and 7:00 P.M. or sunup to sundown.

#2 Energy Costs – In many parts of the country, electricity is more expensive during peak hours, or during the day and early evening. This means running your pool pump during this time could result in a higher electric bill. Not all electric utility companies charge different rates based on time of day, so check before setting your pump schedule if finances are a consideration.

#3 Pool Pump Run Time – After taking #2 into consideration, you’ll need to calculate how long to run the pool pump to circulate, chlorinate, and clean the water effectively? This is where nature takes over. Air temperature plays a critical part in chlorine levels. Safe chlorine levels are at or above 3.0 parts per million (ppm).

Pool pump run time during the hottest months should be 12 hours a day. You can break this time up, if desired, but should be no less than four hours each cycle. The pool pump must also be run during winter months between four and six hours daily.

Pool Pump Supplies – What Do You Need?

You likely already have some of the supplies you need like chlorine and replacement filters, but are there any other parts that new pool owners should have on hand?

The majority of hardware (large parts for repairs) will be handled by pool maintenance or addressed by a pool mechanic, but there are a few things you need to keep on hand for some units.

Swimming Pool Filter Powder – Extends the life of the filter. Typically comes as perlite or diatomaceous earth.

Filter Sand – Filters out bugs, leaves, hair, and algae without chemicals.

Filter Cleaner – Removes hair, scaling, and rust from the pool pump.

Pool Skimmer – Remove debris from water’s surface to extend the life of your filter.

After waiting forever to jump into the crystal waters of your new pool, remember upkeep is as important as it is fun. New pool owners tend to remember the supplies needed for general maintenance, but it’s the pool pump supplies that help keep the heart of water circulation and chlorination running smoothly. For high quality spa and pool supplies, visit Pogue Supply online today! With their extensive selection of pool pumps and parts for sale and their friendly and knowledgeable customer service, Pogue Supply is the best pool parts supplier you’ll find online!

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