Struggling to find the perfect pair of slippers?


Need slippers that are comfortable enough so that you can roam in your home wearing them but at the same time stylish enough to go out for sudden grocery shopping or a brunch with friends?


After a long hard day at work, all anyone would want is to slip into some comfortable clothes and their favorite pair of slippers, turn on the TV and relax. But what if the slipper hurts your feet, or it doesn’t fit? Not only will this be irksome but also cause severe foot issues. Let us help you guide through a list of tips that can come in handy when you’re out shopping for slippers along with certain mistakes that you should avoid so that you only find the best pair for your feet to keep them soft and healthy.




Don’t just purchase a slipper by looking at it. It might be visually appealing, but if it doesn’t fit, comes off loose or is too tight, then it is not serving its purpose of making your feet comfortable. Walk after wearing the shoe in your feet and see if it’s painful to walk-in. It is advisable to buy slipper one size larger than your normal size.




Slipper material or any footwear material for that matter should be made from a comfortable material, especially if you are going to wear them in the home. They should be soft yet durable.




Keep in mind where are you going to roam wearing those slippers, home, garden, ground? Harder the flooring, softer the sole should be. If the flooring of your house is covered with wall to wall carpets, sole won’t be an issue.




Check that the slippers are of made with the supreme material. We would suggest you go for handmade slippers as they are highly durable and made with such consideration to provide maximum support to your feet.


Mistakes to avoid when buying new slippers:


If you are thinking of purchasing slippers from showrooms, them make sure you check the size only after wearing the right sock and check both feet. Check it with socks that you generally wear with slippers and considering that humans don’t have identical feet; it would be foolishness to not try the slippers on both feet.


Don’t just walk on the carpet in the store wearing the skippers but stroll through different flooring to check if you feel okay walking on any or every flooring in those slippers.


Don’t try to convince yourself into buying that beautiful pair of slipper, if it doesn’t stretch beyond a limit. Purchasing slippers thinking they will stretch will only result in regret and loss of money.


You can very easily find a pair of comfortable slippers in online stores attractive prices. You can also purchase personalized slippers that will make you feel like a royalty living a luxurious life in a hotel.


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