Cakes for Baby Shower!

The happiest and proudest moment in a happily married couple’s life is when they get to know that soon they are going to become parents! It is a joyous occasion for the entire family and friends circle. Many parents get so excited for their baby’s arrival that they immediately start working on everything a baby might need. From a crib, to baby’s own room, cute clothes, truckloads of toys and other baby essentials, the proud soon to be parents go all out. Isn’t it funny that before the baby even arrives, she or he already owns so many wonderful and amazing things?

The family or the friends of the soon to be proud parents throw a baby shower for the parents especially for the soon to be mom and celebrate the coming of a bundle of joy. A good baby shower party is totally incomplete without a good and awesome theme cake. You can easily order cake online in Goregaon East, Mumbai Along with decorations, brilliant gifts for the baby and the mother or both of the parents, it’s going to be perfect baby shower party. When you order cake online, you will find a lot of options, in terms of flavor, in terms of themes, in terms of decorations and more.

Here are some of the most awesome theme ideas for a baby shower cake:

  • One of the best options for a cake for the occasion of a baby shower party is a photo of the soon to be parents showing off the baby bump. The perfect family picture for a baby shower cake.
  • If you know the gender of your baby, then you can get color cakes, pink frosting for a girl and blue for a boy. You can also share the gender of your baby with your family and friends by the color of the frosting on the cake. And if you are expecting twins, a boy and a girl then you know what to do! Get 2 cakes with different coloured frosting and icing! What else?
  • You can also opt for a cake that has decorations centred around the things related to a newborn baby, a rattle, a blanket, a crib, a bib, a feeding bottle, little booties or anything else related to a newborn baby that you can think of. The shape of the cake could also be something interesting and related to a baby.
  • The cake for a baby shower party could have some amazing decorations such as hearts and butterflies or even the expected date of the baby’s arrival. If you know the gender or the baby and have already decided on a name, you can get that written down on the cake.
  • The cake for a baby shower party could be in the theme and decoration of a bathtub filled with bubbles and little yellow ducklings swimming in it.
  • When you order online cake delivery in Juhu, Mumbai, it could also have the decoration of a little shoe.
  • A cake with animal decorations is also a good idea. You could also go in for a Barbie cake or a sports cake according to the gender of your baby.
  • The simplest yet an elegant decoration of a baby shower cake are flowers, flowers and flowers. Since it is a happy occasion, what better way to celebrate it with other than with flowers and a good cake? The cake could also have a unicorn and a rainbow theme. Or even sun, moon and the stars seem like the perfect idea.
  • When you order cake online, you could also write a small message for your baby on the cake. After all, the cake, the celebrations, the wonderful occasion is all because of your baby.

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