5 Things About Belly Dance That Everyone Went Crazy over It

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The concept of belly dance is not new to the society. Rather, it has been there for years and practiced to sweep the country. And in the present scenario, belly dancing is a craze that every young soul is following. People from various parts of the world have adopted this trend and chosen it as their career. Moving on, this dance form has some amazing things, which are known to very few people.

People who are surviving in this field know the reality and how long the path is. It’s not easy to become a belly dancer; instead, it needs more practice and dedication to get fame in this industry. Do you have any passion for belly dancing? If yes, then you should know some tactics of it, before you delve deep into the process. Belly dancing is not only linked with wiggling the hips and using some exotic props.

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It is much more than that and considered as a beautiful dance form in every nook and corner of the world. If you desire to enter into this field, doors are always open. It counts both experience and fresher, and every time gives you something unique and creative to practice. Here are some unknown facts about belly dance for you!

  1. Belly dancing is not an easy option!

You can ask this question to experts who are in this industry for years. Belly Dance requires intense practice on a regular basis as it works out with your muscles. And working out with muscles is not a simple task for sure. To do this, beginners have to follow and must adopt a good posture to avoid back pain issues and injuries as well.

You should know that three sets of glute muscles and three sets of abs are involved in the belly dancing. Glute muscles are quite necessary here, and you need work more on it. Furthermore, the upper oblique muscles also matter the most while dancing, which leads to an impressively strong muscle group from the core, and this is like a dream for you. Isn’t it true?

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  1. Belly dancers are not strippers!

Often, people in majority parts of the country call belly dancers as strippers. The idea was developed in the western countries in the late 1800s and 1900s. This was raised due to the lack of understanding of Americans and Europeans, which has created huge confusion in the society. They had perceived wrong thoughts and were behaving as irrational. Somehow, the association has changed now and showed the world that belly dancers are not common, rather they are special and they too need love and respect for their dance culture.

  1. Age and body shape doesn’t matter for belly dancing

“You need a big belly for this dance form”-you might have heard this many time. Isn’t it true? It is obvious that the core attraction of every woman dancing in this industry is their belly. But, it doesn’t mean that they need to have the proper shape. Whether you are slim or fat, belly dancing can be performed anytime you wish for.

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  1. Explosion of creativity

From the starting day, you will feel something new as belly dancing has the power to bring out your passion on the stage. This creative process will be more beautiful with innovative outfits, which is the main attraction and matter the most. And this will be the place, where your innovation plays the biggest role in connecting your dresses with the musical choice and dance style.

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  1. Belly dancer love shimmies and jingles

One of the most basic styles of belly dancing is the Shimmy. People; often think that this form is practiced to get a good shape and to show the moves like the synchronization of chest and hip shimmies. But, it is much more than this and the only way to create huge noise. Dancers wear coin belts, which creates vibration and a sound of chorus metallic energy. It is simple and fun as well. Belly Dance is all about your passion and dreams.

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